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Clinell® Range *NEW*

The softer way to protect feet... An advanced polymer gel system of dressings & appliances for the relief of pressure and friction. Containing mineral oil to soften and lubricate skin for greater comfort. Made from pure medical grade ingredients. Non-toxic and hypoallergenic.

Moisturises and Lubricates

The mineral oil in Hapla-Gel slowly permeates the skin during wear to soften and lubricate and help keep it subtle.
Washable, Reusable, Durable

Careful hand washing and care of Hapla-Gel extends the life of the product allowing repeated use after many applications with loss of the original properties.
Protects and Cushions

Pressure is absorbed and redistributed by Hapla-Gels' soft elastic structure, which allows movement at one surface without influencing movement at the other, thus removing the effect of friction on the skin.
Conforms for greater comfort

Hapla-Gels' softer gel structure allows flow when weight or pressure is applied providing greater comfort even over bony prominences. Once pressure has been removed the gel rapidly returns to it's original shape.


Hapla Gels & Gel Dressings
  • Digital Strip
  • Digital Tube
  • Digital Cap
  • Digital Tip Cap
  • Digital Pad
  • Metatarsal Band
  • Toe Spreader
  • Toe Separator
  • Gel Dot
  • Hapla Felts & Foams
  • Tofoam Tubular Foam Dressing
  • Felt Cut Pads
  • Fleecy Web
  • Fleecy Foam
  • Semi-Compressed Felt
  • Swanfoam
  • Foam-O-Felt
  • Nuprene
  • Moleskin On A Roll
  • Gehwol Products
  • Fusskraft Blue, Red, Green & Mint
  • Foot Cream
  • Foot Balm
  • Salve for Cracked Skin
  • Foot Powder
  • Deodorant Foot Cream / Spray
  • Anti-Perspirant
  • Nail & Skin Cream / Oils
  • Fusskraft® Herbal Lotion
  • Bathing Products
  • Mother-Of-Pearl Scrub
  • Lipidro-Cream
  • Fusskraft® Leg Vitality
  • GERLSAN® Hand Cream
  • Miscellaneous Chiropody Product
  • Aqueous Cream
  • Kemdent Abrasive Discs
  • Mandrel
  • Foot File
  • Emery Boards
  • Hapla-Band™
  • Chirofix™
  • Animal Wool

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    Digital Strip

    1. Elasticated tube with a cushioning strip of polymer gel on the inside
    2. Thicker gel for extra protection
    3. Pressure relief for top, bottom or side of toe
    4. 71cm strips to cut to size as required
    CHG136 Digital Strip - Small £ Each
    CHG137 Digital Strip - Medium £ Each
    CHG138 Digital Strip - Large £ Each


    Digital Tube

    1. Elasticated tube with full polymer gel lining
    2. All round toe protection
    3. Slim design for in-shoe comfort
    4. 15cm tubes, to be cut to size as required
    CHG126 Digital Tube - Small £ 2/Pack
    CHG127 Digital Tube - Medium £ 2/Pack
    CHG128 Digital Tube - Large £ 2/Pack


    Hapla-Gel Digital Cap

    1. Elasticated closed end tube with a full polymer gel lining
    2. All round protection, including the apex of the toe
    3. Ideal for hammer toes
    4. Can be cut to shorter lengths if required
    CHG171 Hapla-Gel Digital Cap - Small £ 2/Pack
    CHG172 Hapla-Gel Digital Cap - Medium £ 2/Pack
    CHG173 Hapla-Gel Digital Cap - Large £ 2/Pack


    Digital Tip Cap

    1. Elasticated closed end tube lined with gel at the tip only
    2. Protection for the apex of the toe
    3. Open end can be cut to a shorter length if required
    CHG181 Digital Tip Cap - Small £ 2/Pack
    CHG182 Digital Tip Cap - Medium £ 2/Pack


    Digital Pad

    1. Elasticated tube with circular polymer gel pad
    2. Protects against pressure and friction on corn sites
    3. Softens corns, helping and relieving the build-up of hard skin
    CHG096 Digital Pad - Small £ 6/Pack
    CHG097 Digital Pad - Medium £ 6/Pack
    CHG098 Digital Pad - Large £ 6/Pack


    Metatarsal Band

    1. Elasticated band with an internal plantar metatarsal shaped gel pad
    2. Protection and cushioning for the full plantal metatarsal area
    3. Hallux stitch helps to maintain position and alignment, or can be cut if required
    CHG161 Metatarsal Band - Small £ 2/Pack
    CHG162 Metatarsal Band - Large £ 2/Pack


    Toe Spreader

    1. Preformed 100% polymer gel
    2. Inter-digital application, protecting and re-aligning hallux valgus and overlapping toes
    3. Soft gel design offers excellent comfort
    CHG144 Toe Spreader - Small £ 6/Pack
    CHG145 Toe Spreader - Medium £ 6/Pack
    CHG146 Toe Spreader - Large £ 6/Pack


    Toe Separator

    1. Preformed 100% polymer gel with concave centre
    2. Designed to fit comfortably between toes to reduce pressure and friction
    3. Can be trimmed if required
    CHG155 Toe Separator - Small £ 6/Pack
    CHG156 Toe Separator - Medium £ 6/Pack
    CHG157 Toe Separator - Large £ 6/Pack


    Gel Dot

    1. Preformed 100% polymer gel with concave centre
    2. Non-adhesive soft gel dots offer surrounding protection from pressure, friction or sore spots
    3. Can be held in place on skin using Chirofix retention tape
    4. Diameter - Approx 3cm
    CHG191 Gel Dot £ 12/Pack


    Tofoam Tubular Foam Dressing

    1. Medical Polyurethane foam on a 100% cotton stockinette core
    2. Protects digits and tender areas from friction and pressure
    3. Available with or without overlap according to protection required
    4. Supplied in 25cm Lengths
    TOF100 Tofoam Size A - 15mm £ 12/Pack
    TOF101 Tofoam Size AX - 15mm with overlap £ 12/Pack
    TOF110 Tofoam Size B - 18mm £ 12/Pack
    TOF111 Tofoam Size BX - 18mm with overlap £ 12/Pack
    TOF120 Tofoam Size C - 21mm £ 12/Pack
    TOF121 Tofoam Size CX - 21mm with overlap £ 12/Pack
    TOF130 Tofoam Size D - 25mm £ 12/Pack
    TOF131 Tofoam Size DX - 25mm with overlap £ 12/Pack


    Felt Cut Pads

    Pre-cut felt pads for a variety of chiropody uses.

    PPD126 Round Corn Ring £ 36/Pack
    PPD515 Crescent Corn Pad £ 36/Pack
    PPD540 Round Bunion Ring £ 36/Pack
    PPD700 Oval Corn Ring £ 36/Pack
    PPD710 Oval Bunion Ring £ 36/Pack


    Fleecy Web Cut Pads

    Pre-cut felt pads for a variety of chiropody uses.

    PPD921 Oval Corn Solid £ 36/Pack
    PPD929 Round Bunion Solid £ 36/Pack
    PPD933 St Georges Cross £ 36/Pack
    PPD936 Latin Cross £ 36/Pack


    Fleecy Web And Fleecy Web Extra

    1. Flesh coloured transverse stretch cotton fabric with raised fleecy surface
    2. Fleecy Web Extra has greater fabric density and durability
    3. Sheet Size: 22.5cm x 40cm
    FLE950 Fleecy Web £ 4/Pack
    FLE970 Fleecy Web Extra £ 4/Pack


    Fleecy Web Roll

    1. All the benefits of Fleecy Web, but on a convenient roll
    2. Size: 5cm wide x 3 metres
    FLE905 Fleecy Web Roll £ Each


    Fleecy Foam

    1. Flesh coloured soft medical grade open cell foam with needled fleece surface
    2. Sheet Size: 22.5cm x 45cm
    FLE240 Fleecy Foam - 5mm £ 4/Pack
    FLE244 Fleecy Foam - 7mm £ 4/Pack


    All-Wool Felt, Semi-Compressed

    1. Pure Merino Wool Sheets
    2. Sheet Size: 22.5cm x 45cm
    FEL120 All-Wool Felt - 2mm £ 4/Pack
    FEL124 All-Wool Felt - 5mm £ 4/Pack
    FEL128 All-Wool Felt - 7mm £ 4/Pack
    FEL132 All-Wool Felt - 10mm £ 4/Pack


    Mixture Felt, Semi-Compressed

    1. Wool and Viscose Blend Sheets
    2. Sheet Size: 22.5cm x 45cm
    FEL152 Mixture Felt - 5mm £ 4/Pack
    FEL156 Mixture Felt - 7mm £ 4/Pack



    1. Flesh coloured closed cell latex bonded to a cotton moleskin cover
    2. Sheet Size: 22.5cm x 45cm
    SWA100 Swanfoam - 5mm £ 4/Pack
    SWA104 Swanfoam - 7mm £ 4/Pack



    1. White felt bonded to flesh coloured latex foam
    2. Sheet Size: 22.5cm x 45cm
    FOA100 Foam-O-Felt - 5mm £ 4/Pack
    FOA104 Foam-O-Felt - 7mm £ 4/Pack



    1. Flesh coloured soft medical grade polyurethane foam
    2. Sheet Size: 22.5cm x 45cm
    NUP100 Nuprene - 5mm £ 4/Pack


    Moleskin On A Roll

    1. Flesh coloured rigid cotton fabric
    2. Size: 23cm x 3 metres
    MOL123 Moleskin On A Roll £ Each



    1. Rich, emollient cream for tired feet
    2. Freshening formula that prevents Athlete's Foot and general itching
    3. Prevents decomposition of foot sweat
    4. Rejuvenates sore, aching feet
    5. Smooths and calms skin
    6. Lanolin, Aloe Vera and Urea restore elasticity and suppleness
    7. Camphor and Menthol relieve sore, aching feet
    GEH070 Gehwol Fusskraft Blue 75ml Tube £
    GEH071 Gehwol Fusskraft Blue 125ml Tube £
    GEH073D Gehwol Fusskraft Blue 500ml Dispensing Tub £



    1. Rich, emollient cream that warms cold feet
    2. Relieves tired, sore feet
    3. Prevents Athlete's Foot, itching and odour
    4. Smooths and invigorates dry, cracked skin
    5. Camphor, Paprika, Ginger, Rosemary and Mountain Pine stimulate circulation and warm cold feet
    GEH082 Gehwol Fusskraft Red 75ml Tube £
    GEH084D Gehwol Fusskraft Red 500ml Dispensing Tub £



    1. Light emollient cream formulated to freshen sweaty feet
    2. Prevents Athlete's Foot, itching and blisters between toes
    3. Smooths skin
    4. Relieves tired, aching feet
    5. Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil and Aloe Vera are quickly absorbed to condition skin
    6. Camphor and Menthol cool feet and relieve aches
    7. DeoZinc combats foot odour
    GEH074 Gehwol Fusskraft Green 75ml Tube £
    GEH075 Gehwol Fusskraft Green 125ml Tube £
    GEH077D Gehwol Fusskraft Green 500ml Dispensing Tub £



    1. Quickly absorbed, non-greasy minty foot cream
    2. Cools and refreshes tired, aching feet
    3. Prevents foot odour
    4. Revitalising formula
    5. Menthol, Rosemary, Mountain Pine & Lavender Oils refresh and fortify tired, aching feet
    GEH085 Gehwol Fusskraft Mint 75ml Tube £
    GEH086 Gehwol Fusskraft Mint 125ml Tube £
    GEH088D Gehwol Fusskraft Mint 500ml Dispensing Tub £


    Gehwol Fusskraft Soft Feet Cream

    GEHWOL FUSSKRAFT soft feet cream is a moisturising foot and leg cream for young and old skin, with unique ingredients which is easily absorbed and leaves behind the feeling of silky soft skin. It has a gentle caring base, containing vitamin-rich avocado oil and other valuable lipids, which care for dry and scaly skin while special deep acting hyaluron is absorbed by the skin, supporting its regeneration and strengthening the skins own defenses.

    1. In combination with urea, hyaluron binds moisture in deeper skin layers and prevents callus formation.
    2. Milk peptides and honey extract make the skin noticeably silkier and visibly smoother.
    3. Dermatologically tested
    4. Also suitable for diabetics
    GEH140 Gehwol Fusskraft Soft Feet Cream 125ml £ Each


    GEHWOL® Foot Cream

    1. Anti-inflammatory cream prevents sores, blisters, chafing and aches
    2. Eliminates foot odour and Athlete's Foot
    3. Protects from Frost-Bite
    GEH065 GEHWOL® Foot Cream £ 75ml Tube


    GEHWOL® Extra Foot Cream

    With natural Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Lavender and Thyme Oils.

    1. For the daily care of feet
    2. Deodorising
    3. Prevents itchiness and calluses
    4. Softens dry and cracked skin
    5. Invigorating and warming for cold and damp resistance
    GEH058 GEHWOL® Extra Foot Cream £ 75ml Tube


    GEHWOL® Balm

    Jojoba Oil and Aloe Vera leave skin resistant smooth, supple and resistant.

    1. Revives and revitalises tired, aching feet
    2. Smooths and cools skin
    3. Menthol, rosemary and Lavender soothe and refresh
    4. Prevents foot odour, Athlete’s foot and infections
    GEH020 GEHWOL® Balm £ 75ml Tube


    GEHWOL MED Salve For Cracked Skin

    1. Caring formula for brittle, dry and rough skin
    2. Regular usage can restore skins' natural elasticity and resistance
    3. Prevents cracked skin and reddening
    4. Contains natural essential oils, Panthenol and Camomile with gentle anti-inflammatory properties
    GEH180 GEHWOL MED Salve For Cracked Skin - 75ml Tube £ Each
    GEH185 GEHWOL MED Salve For Cracked Skin - 125ml Tube £ Each
    GEH182D GEHWOL MED Salve For Cracked Skin - 500ml Tub £ Each


    GEHWOL® Foot Powder

    1. Disinfectant powder for dry odour-free feet
    2. Helps prevent Athlete's foot
    3. Powder has a clean fresh scent
    4. It is recommended that this powder also be sprinkled into socks

    GEH063 GEHWOL® Foot Powder £ 100g Tub


    Gehwol MED Deodorant Foot Cream

    1. Long-lasting elimination of foot odour
    2. Prevents bacteria and fungi
    3. Regular use smooths even the most sensitive skin
    4. Skin-friendly Manuka Oil acts against fungus and bacteria
    5. Activated Zinc Oxide provides mildly astringent skin protection
    6. Aloe Vera provides skin hydration and anti-inflammatory properties
    7. Jojoba supports skins natural functions

    GEH162 Gehwol MED Deodorant Foot Cream 75ml Tube £


    GEHWOL® Caring Footdeo

    1. Refreshing, deodorising foot spray for fresh and protected feet all day long
    2. Revives and stimulates whilst extensively controlling foot odour, also makes hard skin more supple
    3. Contains natural essential oils (Rosemary and Lavender), and herbal extracts (Camomile and Peppermint)
    GEH062 GEHWOL® Caring Footdeo £ 150ml Spray


    GEHWOL Med® Anti-Perspirant

    1. Protects feet against sweat-decomposing micro-organisms
    2. Protects against fungal infection and reduces itchiness
    3. Reduces sweating and deodorises feet
    4. With Zinc Ricinoleate, Aloe Vera and Avocado Oil
    GEH130 GEHWOL Med® Anti-Perspirant £ 125ml Tube


    GEHWOL Med® Protective Nail & Skin Cream

    1. Contains Wheat germ Oil, Panthenol and Bisabolol to care for skin and nails
    2. Protects from fungal infections
    3. Restores fragile and brittle nails
    4. Gives nails a lustrous silky shine
    GEH171 GEHWOL Med® Protective Nail & Skin Cream £ 15ml Tube


    GEHWOL Med® Protective Nail & Skin Oil

    1. Protects effectively from fungus attacks, cares for nails and skin leaving them elastic and beautiful
    2. Contains precious substances such as Wheat germ Oil, Panthenol and Bisabolol
    3. The nails’ natural silky sheen is restored
    GEH172 GEHWOL Med® Protective Nail & Skin Oil £ 15ml Bottle


    GEHWOL Med® Nail Softener

    1. Softens and elasticates cuticles relieving discomfort and ensuring nails can grow out unobstructed
    2. Helps prevent ingrown nails and calluses
    3. Contains Glycerine and Bisabolol
    GEH170 GEHWOL Med® Nail Softener £ 15ml Bottle


    GEHWOL Fusskraft® Herbal Lotion

    1. Cools and refreshes feet
    2. For fresh, smooth, supple feet
    3. Softens Calluses, reduces itchiness and deodorises
    4. With a high proportion of essential oils including Rosemary, Mountain Pine and Lavender
    GEH092 GEHWOL Fusskraft® Herbal Lotion £ 150ml Spray


    GEHWOL® Foot Bath

    1. Stimulates circulation and warms feet
    2. Effective, long-lasting deodorisation
    3. Invigorates tired feet
    4. Eliminates soreness
    5. Revives and softens hard skin, calluses and corns
    6. Contains essential oils from Lavender, Rosemary and Thyme
    GEH064 GEHWOL® Foot Bath £ 400g Box


    GEHWOL® Rosemary Bath Salt

    1. Cleanses, refreshes and revives the skin
    2. Containing real Rosemary oil
    3. Use 1 sachet for a foot bath or 3 sachets for a full body bath
    GEH095 GEHWOL® Rosemary Bath Salt £ 10 x 25g Sachets


    GEHWOL Fusskraft® Herbal Bath

    1. Softens hard skin, calluses and corns
    2. Smooths rough and cracked skin
    3. Intensive cleaning action strengthens and invigorates
    4. Prevents foot perspiration and odour for a long-lasting freshness
    5. Contains essential oils from Mountain Pine, Rosemary and Lavender to help resolve many foot complaints
    GEH090 GEHWOL Fusskraft® Herbal Bath £ 400g Box


    GEHWOL Mother-Of-Pearl Scrub

    1. Smoothing and moisturising skin exfoliator
    2. Removes nuisance skin scales
    3. Massages and hydrates skin
    4. Contains Mother of Pearl powder, Algae extract and Jojoba Oil
    GEH220 GEHWOL Mother-Of-Pearl Scrub £ 125ml Tube


    Gehwol Med Lipidro-Cream

    1. Fragrance-Free, anti-inflammatory formula for dry and sensitive skin
    2. Skin balancing formula for optimum moisturising
    3. Promotes skin regeneration
    4. Protects against foot odour and Athlete's foot
    5. Sea Buckthorn Oil, Avocado Oil, Urea and Algae extract smooths dry and sensitive skin, compensate for lipid and moisture deficiencies and balance skin
    GEH176 Gehwol Med Lipidro-Cream 75ml Tube £ Each
    GEH177 Gehwol Med Lipidro-Cream 125ml Tube £ Each
    GEH179D Gehwol Med Lipidro-Cream 500ml Tub £ Each


    GEHWOL® FUSSKRAFT Leg Vitality

    1. Rapidly-absorbed, non-greasy daily care balsam for legs and feet
    2. For beautiful, smooth and supple skin
    3. Contains Algae extract and Avocado Oil
    GEH152 GEHWOL® FUSSKRAFT Leg Vitality £ 125ml Tube


    Gerlachs GERLSAN® Hand Cream

    1. For daily care of your hands
    2. Consists of a special combination of ingredients including soothing Aloe Vera and Jojoba Oil, moisture binding Urea, skin supporting Bisabolol, skin caring Panthenol, for intensive care and protection

    GEH210 GERLAN Hand Cream 75ml Tube £
    GEH216 GERLAN Hand Cream 500ml Dispensing Pump £


    Aqueous Cream BP 500g Tub

    1. Used as an emollient for the symptomatic relief of dry skin conditions
    2. Can also be used as a base for other creams
    3. May also be used as a soap substitute for hand washing or in the bath by rubbing into skin before rinsing completely
    M0629 Aqueous Cream BP £ 500g Tub


    Kemdent Abrasive Discs

    1. Type B (Snap-On) Paper discs for use in wet or dry situations
    2. Manufactured to the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 13485
    3. Mandrel for use with abrasive discs - SUN042 for Type B discs (Snap-On)
    SUN023 Type B 19mm (3/4") Medium £ 50/Box
    SUN026 Type B 19mm (3/4") Coarse £ 50/Box
    SUN024 Type B 22mm (7/8") Medium £ 50/Box
    SUN027 Type B 22mm (7/8") Coarse £ 50/Box
    SUN030 Type B 22mm (7/8") Extra-Coarse £ 50/Box
    SUN042 Mandrel for Type B (Snap-On) £ Each


    Foot File

    Double sided foot file has 2 different surfaces and are suitable for wet or dry application, the coarse side removes rough, calloused skin & the finer side smoothes and maintains the skin.

    IP6737 Foot File (25.5cm) £ Each


    Single-Use Emery Boards

    Single-Use emery board, used to assist in the removal of hardened and callous skin from the foot and file nails.

    1. Manufactured from cardboard
    2. Dual abrasive surface specification - 240/150
    3. Length: 18cm
    IP146 Single-Use Emery Boards (18cm) £ 10/Pack



    1. Flesh coloured elastic bandage with Hapla hypo-allergenic adhesive
    2. Roll size: 10 metres
    HAP211 Hapla-Band™ - 1.25cm x 10m £ 4/Rolls
    HAP213 Hapla-Band™ - 2.5cm x 10m £ 2/Rolls
    HAP215 Hapla-Band™ - 5cm x 10m £ 2/Rolls
    HAP217 Hapla-Band™ - 7.5cm x 10m £ 1/Roll



    1. White transverse stretch conforming dressing retention tape
    2. With Hapla hypo-allergenic adhesive
    3. Roll size: 10 metres
    CHI312 Chirofix™ - 1.25cm x 10m £ 4/Rolls
    CHI314 Chirofix™ - 2.5cm x 10m £ 2/Rolls
    CHI316 Chirofix™ - 5cm x 10m £ 2/Rolls
    CHI317 Chirofix™ - 10cm x 10m £ 1/Roll


    Animal Wool

    1. Made from pure wool
    2. Can be used as a padding or as a general wrap to protect toes and feet
    3. Can also be used for chilblains and to give relief from pressure and soreness
    AN001 Animal Wool £ 250g Bag