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First Aid

Miscellaneous Clearance Items

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Bonney Forceps Toothed 18cm - (Single-Use)

15-360 Bonney Forceps Toothed 18cm £ Each


Retractor Kilner Cats Paw D/E 15cm - (Single-Use)

Expiry Date: September 2018

R500-536 Retractor Kilner Cats Paw D/E 15cm £ Each


Luer Vulsellum Forceps 23cm - (Single-Use)

R7832 Luer Vulsellum Forceps 23cm £ Each


Non-Sterile Tenotomy Scissors Curved Fine 11cm - (Single-Use)

CL200100 Non-Sterile Tenotomy Scissors Curved Fine 11cm £ Each


Non-Sterile Lister Sinus Forceps 12.5cm - (Single-Use)

CL7922 Non-Sterile Lister Sinus Forceps 12.5cm £ Each

Heine Unispec Disposable Proctoscope Tubes

  1. Disposable single-use : No cleaning or sterilisation required - economical usage
  2. Greatly reduces the risk of cross-infection
  3. Moulded in patient-friendly thermoplastic
  4. Excellent light transmission through tube wall
  5. Removable Obturator for easy insertion
  6. Graduated in cm for indication of insertion length
E-03.19.811 Proctoscope: 13cm x 2cm diameter £ 25/Box
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Wash Proof Plasters

Soft & flexible, ventilated wash proof plasters. Each plaster is low allergy, sterile and individually wrapped.

(Click on images to enlarge)

F539 Wash Proof Anchor Plasters £ 50/Box

Empty Masterchef First Aid Boxes

A superb all blue HSE catering kit designed specifically for use in busy kitchens, comes complete with bracket.

10 Person Kit - Height 27cm, Width 27.5cm, Depth 9.5cm
50 Person Kit - Height 32cm, Width 33.5cm, Depth 9.5cm

F159 Empty Masterchef First Aid Box (10 Person) £ Each
F160 Empty Masterchef First Aid Box (50 Person) £ Each


Premium HSE Dressings

  1. Comprises of a dressing pad which is placed over the wound, and a conforming stretch bandage to secure in place
  2. Premium quality: Health & Safety Executive approved
  3. Latex-Free

Sold as non-sterile due to having been taken out of stock from first aid kits which had some items passed expiry date. Ideal for use as a training bandage!

CL316 HSE Dressing Medium 12cm x 12cm £ Each
CL317 HSE Dressing Large 18cm x 18cm £ Each


Eye Pad Dressings With Bandage

  • Thick, comfortable eye pad dressings, attached to continuous stretch bandage
  • The dressing pad has a low adherent contact layer, designed not to stick

Sold as non-sterile due to having been taken out of stock from first aid kits which had some items passed expiry date. Ideal for use as a training bandage!

CL321 HSE Eye Pad With Bandage (No. 16 Style) £ Each



Eye Pad Dressing With Elasticated Looped Bandage

Thick, comfortable eye pad dressings, attached to continuous stretch bandage.
The dressing pad has a low adherent contact layer, designed not to stick.

Sold as non-sterile due to having been taken out of stock from first aid kits which had some items passed expiry date. Ideal for use as a training bandage!

CL322 Eye Pad Dressing With Elasticated Looped Bandage £ Each
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GEHWOL MED Salve For Cracked Skin

  1. Caring formula for brittle, dry and rough skin
  2. Regular usage can restore skins' natural elasticity and resistance
  3. Prevents cracked skin and reddening
  4. Contains natural essential oils, Panthenol and Camomile with gentle anti-inflammatory properties
GEH182 GEHWOL MED Salve For Cracked Skin - 450ml Refill £ Each

Foot Skeleton Model

Flexibly mounted foot skeleton with portions of Tibia and Fibula

A311 Foot Skeleton Model £ Each

Mandrels & Discs

Paper discs for use in wet or dry situations, manufactured to the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 13485, compatible with Mandrel Type A (Pin-hole).

(Click on images to enlarge)

SUN041 Mandrel For Type A (Pin-hole) Abrasive Discs £ Each
CLSUN030 Kemdent Type B (Snap-On) Abrasive Discs
22mm (7/8") Extra-Corse
£ 50/Box

Chiroform-Gel Footcare Kit

The Foot care kit is a convenient and cost-effective way to store and use Hapla-Gel products. The kit offers a selection of the most popular professionally used items, making it ideal as a starter pack, and then for continued use.

  1. 12 x Digital Pads (4 x Small, 4 x Medium, 4 x Large)
  2. 2 x Medium Digital Tubes
  3. 4 x Medium Digital Caps
  4. 8 x Toe Separators (4 x Medium, 4 x large)
  5. 4 x Medium Toe Spreaders
  6. 4 x Gel Dots
CHG500 Chiroform-Gel Footcare Kit £ Each

PEVA Body Bag

  1. Strong disposable body bags are manufactured from low density polyethylene, with a unique zip design for increased protection against fluid loss, particularly during handling
  2. 'PEVA' IDPE, non-toxic material - unlike PVC, this material does not have an unpleasant odour and does not give off toxic fumes when incinerated
  3. Welded card insert pocket
M4615 PEVA Body Bag £ Each

Esense™ Hand Rub

  1. Technologically advanced, alcohol-free hand rub which is proven effective against common micro-organisms within 30 seconds
  2. Alcohol Free, Complies with EN1500
  3. Contains moisturisers leaving hands feeling soft and conditioned
H0006 Esense™ Hand Rub - 500ml Pump Bottle £ Each

Mini-Wright Digital Peak Flow Meter

  1. Can be used alone, or with cradle and software for compilation of patient results database on a computer
  2. Measures Peak Expiratory Flow (PEF) and Forced Expiratory Volume (FEV1) for Asthma and COPD Patients
  3. Easy to use, with just one button
MW002 Mini-Wright Digital Peak Flow Meter £ Each


BD SafetyGlide™ Syringe with Tiny Needle Technology

  1. For Insulin and tuberculin delivery
  2. Easy to use single hand activation
  3. Safe and secure with visible lock
  4. Fingers remain behind needle at all times

Expiry Date: March 2018

BD305934 BD SafetyGlide™ Syringe 0.5ml 30G x 5/16" - 0.30 mm x 8 mm £ 100/Box


Shield® Disposable Polythene Gloves

  1. Minimal risk areas only
  2. Ideal for short-term use
  3. Industrial grade Category 1 PPE Directive 89/686/EEC
  4. Loose Fitting
GP52SM Shield® Disposable Polythene Gloves - Small £ 500/Pack


Perfection Plus Throat Pack

A 100% pure cotton product used to prevent foreign bodies from entering the throat during procedures. Length: 10 metres.

PP002 Perfection Plus Throat Pack £ 10 Metre Roll


Tubegauz™ Plain Cotton Stockinette BP

  1. Hold dressings securely in place, protects clothing from ointments and creams
  2. Made from 100% bleached cotton and is recommended for use where natural fibres are preferred
  3. Quick and easy to apply, with or without applicator
  4. Cost-effective option for dressing retention and dermatological covering
  5. 20 Metre roll
M2427 Tubegauz™ Size 56 - Adult Limbs £ Each


Tubiton™ Plain Cellulose Stockinette BP

  1. Holds dressings securely and comfortably in place, without constriction or compression
  2. The tubular construction makes application quick and easy, particularly when using a tubular bandage applicator
  3. Made from 100% unbleached cotton and contains natural oils that help to make it water-repellent
  4. 20 Metre roll
M2405 Tubiton™ Size 12 - Large Fingers & Toes £ Each


Tubular Bandage Applicator

  1. Constructed from durable Chromium-plated steel & safe to use in autoclaves
  2. For easier, faster tubular bandaging
CLF484 Sugar Tong Applicator For Sizes 01 & 12 £


Chemgene Non-Fragranced High-Level Disinfectant Concentrate

Tested at user dilutions by an EPA approved laboratory and by independent UK government registered laboratories. Effective against a wide range of micro-organisms including HIV, Hepatitis B, Norovirus, E Coli, Acinetobacter calcoaceticus, Streptococcus spp., Staphyloccus spp., Salmonella spp., Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Campylobacter jejuni, Listeria monocytogenes, Aspergillus niger, Candida albicans.

  1. For use in cleaning and disinfection of environmental areas to reduce risk of cross infection
  2. Biodegradable under OECD conditions
  3. Free of phenols
  4. Bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal

Expiry Date: September 2018

TR092 Chemgene Non-Fragranced High-Level Disinfectant £ 1 Litre


Betadine Dry Powder Spray

For use as an antiseptic in the treatment and prevention of infection in wounds including ulcers, burns, cuts and other minor injuries.

M7646 Betadine Dry Powder Spray £


Sani-Cloth Detergent Bucket Wipes Refill Pack

  1. Impregnated with a low level detergent - ideal for the cleaning of beds and mattresses, damp dusting and most other surfaces
  2. For the routine cleaning of surfaces sensitive to alcohol
  3. Contains no alcohol or disinfectant
  4. Strong wipes, easy to use dispensing tub
  5. Wipes size: 25cm x 30cm
CLMXP0210 Sani-Cloth Detergent Bucket Wipes Refill Pack £ 225/Pack


PDI® Sani-Cloth® 70% Wipes - Sachets

  1. Disposable disinfection wipes for medical devices
  2. Effective bactericidal action against MRSA, E. Coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and a diverse range of micro-organisms
  3. 70% v/v Isopropyl alcohol, BP
  4. Sterile and individually packed
  5. Wipe Size: 18cm x 14cm

Expiry Date: January 2018 - Slightly damaged box

CLM4100 PDI® Sani-Cloth® 70% Wipes - Sachets £ 100/Box


Handsafe-Finetouch Latex Powdered Gloves

  1. Lightly pre-powdered latex gloves
  2. Smooth to improve sensitivity
  3. Easy donning and reduced perspiration
GN03NA Handsafe-Finetouch Latex Powdered Gloves - Extra Small £ 100/Box
GN03NB Handsafe-Finetouch Latex Powdered Gloves - Small £ 100/Box
GN03ND Handsafe-Finetouch Latex Powdered Gloves - Large £ 100/Box
GN03NE Handsafe-Finetouch Latex Powdered Gloves - Extra Large £ 100/Box


Premier Protector Vinyl Pre-Powdered Gloves

  1. Latex-Free vinyl gloves: Lightly pre-powdered
  2. Excellent latex alternative
  3. Sensitive
  4. Seamless and comfortable to wear
CLGL06LG Vinyl Pre-Powdered Gloves - Large £ 100/Box


Silonda® Sensitive Skin Care Lotion

Silonda® sensitive is a light lotion formulation recommended for frequent use throughout the day. Silonda® sensitive is highly recommended for people with sensitive skin.
Water based, non-greasy moisturising lotion for use on hands (ideal after using Spirigel® Alcohol Hand Gel)

  1. High quality moisturising lotion for hands and skin
  2. Skin protection with beeswax
  3. Non-greasy water-based lotion
  4. Enriched with natural beeswax
  5. Fast absorbing with no residues
  6. Perfume free
H9790 Silonda® Sensitive Skin Care Lotion £ 60ml Bottle


Skintact Perforated Film Absorbent Dressing

  1. Low-adherent film on both sides of the dressing
  2. Perforated film is designed to minimise dressing adhesion and allow exudate to drain away from wound surface
  3. Sterile, individually packed

Expiry Date: 06-03-19

M7900 Skintact Dressing - 5cm x 5cm £ 100/Box


Primapore Post-Operative Dressing

A non-woven wound dressing that combines an absorbent pad with a soft and conformable fixative layer for the simple and effective management of sutured wounds.

  1. Soft breathable cover
  2. Low allergy adhesive
  3. Low adherent pad

Slightly damaged box

CLM7135 Primapore Post-Operative Dressing - 8.3cm x 6cm £ 50/Box


Micro-Touch® No Powder Exam Sterile Latex Gloves

Micro-Touch® gloves are designed and engineered for a broad range of hospital staff, emergency medical technicians, healthcare facility personnel, and private practitioners seeking the protection provided by examination gloves for the variety of settings where they face challenging risks every day.
Users find Micro-Touch® sterile a very comfortable glove, and donning is easy even with damp hands. An interior polyacrylate coating makes the glove even softer, while the textured fingers provide a safe grip when handling instruments, even with damp hands.
Powder-free and with low levels of protein and residual chemicals, they minimise the risk of Type I allergies.

  1. Ideal solution for sterile examination (non-surgical) procedures
  2. Individually packed sterile pairs with a protective double wrapping, clearly indicating the glove size
  3. Strong beaded cuff
  4. Ambidextrous
  5. MD Class I Sterile

Expiry Date: June 2018

CLGS50SM Micro-touch No Powder Gloves - Small £ 50 Pairs/Box
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