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Clinell® Range *NEW*


Ear Irrigation
  • Guardian Projet™ 101 Ear Irrigator
  • Propulse® Tips
  • Propulse® Ear Scoop
  • Propulse® Cape
  • Propulse® Cleaning Tablets
  • Propulse® Mushroom Valve
  • Propulse® Foot Switch
  • Propulse® Head Lamp
  • Disposable Otoscope Specula
  • Welch Allyn® Specula
  • Keeler Specula
  • Heine Specula
  • Thermometers & Probe Covers
  • Omron Gentle Temp Thermometer
  • DIGItemp™ Thermometer
  • Digital Thermometer Probe Covers
  • Ear Thermometer Probe Covers
  • Accessories
  • Aluminium Noots Ear Tanks
  • Pulps Noots Ear Tanks
  • Pen Torch
  • Wooden Tongue Depressors
  • Ear & Nasal Instruments

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    NEW Guardian Projet™ 101 Ear Irrigator by Albert Waeschle

    Designed to fulfil the most demanding surgeries and hospital ward requirements for a reliable, leak-free and easy to use machine that is not expensive to run and does not require constant maintenance and subsequent downtime.


    1. Power/Water pressure control button
    2. Water pressure indicator
    3. Temporary stop button
    4. Extra long mains lead and handle hose so that the machine can be situated in a convenient location
    5. Integral wall mount which frees up space and is easily removable for cleaning
    6. Sliding flow regulator conveniently mounted in handle. Water flow can be stopped or regulated by sliding control to the desired position
    7. Ultra think atraumatic tips helps visualisation and direction of water flow
    8. Digital control of water pressure and flow is easy to operate and remains constant and reproducible
    9. Easy to clean flat control panel
    10. Oversize water reservoir silicone washer to reduce incidence of leaks

    1. Irrigator Machine
    2. Water dispensing handle
    3. Water reservoir
    4. Tip/Instrument storage
    5. Mains power cable and plug
    6. Foot switch
    7. 10 x Ear irrigation tips

    1. Power: 230v, 50Hz
    2. Static pressure: 0.25 - 3 bar max
    3. Working time: 2 - 3 minutes for 500cc
    4. Continuous usage: 8 minutes
    5. Reservoir: 500ml
    6. Temp range: 5°C - 35°C
    7. Pressure: 860 - 1060 hpa
    8. Dimensions: Height - 180mm, Width - 175mm, Depth - 145mm
    IP101 Guardian Projet™ 101 Ear Irrigator Machine £ Each
    IP100TIP Guardian Projet™ Ear Irrigator Tips £ 100/Box


    Propulse® Single-Use QrX™ Tips

    Propulse® Single Use QrX™ Tips for use with the Propulse® NG Ear Irrigator & the new Propulse® G5 Ear Irrigator™
    The unique locking mechanism provides an easy fit onto the Quick Release Handle whilst securing the tip throughout the irrigation procedure.

    1. Single Use to minimise the danger of cross infection
    2. Supplied individually wrapped in a box containing 100
    3. CE marked for safety
    IT5002 Propulse® Single-Use QrX™ White Tips £ 100/Box

    Propulse® ProScoop Ear Wax Removal Scoop

    1. Scoop end designed by ear care specialist for easy removal of ear wax
    2. Indicator mark on scoop shaft at 15mm (±0.5mm) to show depth of penetration into ear
    3. Serrated end designed for easy application of cotton wool - for mopping the ear out after irrigation
    4. Non slip shaft for added safety
    5. For professional use only

    IT0028 Propulse® ProScoop £ 10/Pack


    Propulse® ProTect Cape

    3 ply design combines a super absorbent paper material with a waterproof backing layer to provide maximum protection. The absorbent paper material helps prevent water "run-off" whilst the waterproof backing helps protect the patient's clothes from splashes and spills during the ear irrigation procedure.

    1. Helps prevent cross infection
    2. Quick and easy to fit. Can be used on either shoulder
    3. Can be rotated from one shoulder to the other
    4. May be disposed of with clinical waste

    IT1012 Propulse® ProTect Cape £ 36/Box


    Propulse® Cleaning tablets

    Propulse® cleaning tablets have been formulated to provide the exact strength of cleaning solution required to clean the Propulse® electronic ear irrigator effectively and safely.

    1. Only 1 tablet needed per clean
    2. Effective in 10 minutes
    IT0800 Propulse® Cleaning tablets £ 200/Tub


    Propulse® Replacement Mushroom Valve and Washer Pack - KIT1006

    The Mushroom Valve is specifically designed to prevent water flowing out of the reservoir whilst filling.

    For use with: Propulse® III & Propulse® NG Machines ONLY

    Not for use with Propulse® G5 Irrigator Machine

    Supplied in a pack containing:
    1. 5 x Mushroom Valves
    2. 5 x Washers
    IT1006 Propulse® Mushroom Valve & Washer Pack £ 5/Pack


    Propulse® Replacement Mushroom Valve and Washer Pack - KIT5011

    The Mushroom Valve is specifically designed to prevent water flowing out of the reservoir whilst filling.

    For use with: Propulse® G5 Machines ONLY

    Supplied in a pack containing:
    1. 5 x Mushroom Valves
    2. 5 x Washers
    IT5011 Propulse® Mushroom Valve & Washer Pack £ 5/Pack


    Propulse® Foot Switch

    Replacement foot switch for use with all Propulse® electronic ear irrigation machines made after 2003.

    IT1002 Propulse® Foot Switch £ Each


    Propulse® Head Lamp

    The range of Propulse® accessories are designed to complement the Propulse® Electronic Ear Irrigator and provide everything the clinician needs to carry out safe and effective ear care. Illumination of the ear canal is essential when performing ear irrigation. The new Propulse® Head Lamp provides an excellent light source that allows the practitioner to clearly see inside the ear during the ear care procedure.
    The flexible Goose Neck design provides the user with a perfect multi directional light source encompassed in a comfortable, lightweight and stylishly designed head lamp. Powered by 2 x AAA batteries, the bright white light allows true tissue colour recognition in the ear canal at a price that provides better value than similar LED versions.

    1. Flexible Goose Neck design provides flexibility of movement
    2. Comfortable and light weight
    3. Bright white light provides excellent illumination of the external auditory meatus
    4. Elasticated headband fits all users
    5. Simple push button on / off switch
    6. Powered by 2 x AAA Batteries (supplied)
    IT0014 Propulse® Head Lamp £ Each


    Welch Allyn® Disposable Otoscope Specula

    1. Universal Kleenspec single use otoscope specula
    2. Safe, convenient and affordable
    M52432-A Welch Allyn® Specula - 2.75mm £ 34/Pack
    M52434-A Welch Allyn® Specula - 4.25mm £ 34/Pack
    M52432 Welch Allyn® Specula - 2.75mm Bulk Pack £ 850/Pack
    M52434 Welch Allyn® Specula - 4.25mm Bulk Pack £ 850/Pack


    Keeler Disposable Otoscope Specula

    For Standard, Practitioner, Pocket, Vista, Fibre Optic and Medic Keeler hand held Otoscopes.

    KP5197A Keeler Specula - 2.5mm £ 25/Pack
    KP5170A Keeler Specula - 3.5mm £ 25/Pack
    KP5218A Keeler Specula - 4.5mm £ 25/Pack
    KP5189A Keeler Specula - 5.5mm £ 25/Pack
    KP5197 Keeler Specula - 2.5mm Bulk Pack £ 500/Pack
    KP5170 Keeler Specula - 3.5mm Bulk Pack £ 500/Pack
    KP5218 Keeler Specula - 4.5mm Bulk Pack £ 500/Pack
    KP5189 Keeler Specula - 5.5mm Bulk Pack £ 500/Pack

    Heine Disposable Otoscope Specula

    1. Heine disposable ear specula for exact fitting to the otoscope
    2. Assured quality, no sharp edges
    3. Disposable, hygienic and safe

    (Click on images to enlarge)

    To Fit: Mini 2000, Mini 3000, Alpha K180 and Beta 200
    MH1128 Heine Specula 2.5mm £ 50/Pack
    MH1127 Heine Specula 4.0mm £ 50/Pack

    To Fit: Conventional Beta 100 and K100
    MH1242 Heine Specula 2.5mm £ 50/Pack
    MH1241 Heine Specula 4.0mm £ 50/Pack


    Omron Gentle Temp 510 Digital Ear Thermometer

    1. Infrared digital ear thermometer
    2. 1 second measurement time
    3. Proven accuracy for in-ear temperature measurement
    4. Probe cover replacement check
    5. 11 probe covers included
    6. Ergonomic design
    7. Reading display in Celsius or Fahrenheit
    I510 Omron Gentle Temp 510 £ Each


    DIGItemp™ Thermometer

    DIGItemp™ thermometers can be used under the arm, orally or rectally and is safe for all ages. They are also mercury-free, glass-free and unbreakable making them safe for children. The large 4-digit easy-to-read LCD display screen is accurate to 0.1 degree centigrade (Measurement range: 32-42 °C).

    1. Batteries are replaceable, the device has a low battery warning signal tone and automatic switch-off
    2. Watertight, can be disinfected or covered with snug fitting probe covers
    3. Includes last temperature memory
    I315 DIGItemp™ Thermometer £ Each


    3M TempaDOT™ Clinical Thermometer

    TempaDOT™ Single-Use clinical thermometer is an individually wrapped, latex free, sterile device designed for Single-Use only, reducing the risk of cross-contamination associated with reusable thermometers.
    The TempaDOT™ clinical thermometer is suitable for oral and axillary use.

    M5532 3M TempaDOT™ Clinical Thermometer £ 100/Box


    Digital Thermometer Probe Covers

    1. Single-Use probe covers for use with digital thermometers
    2. Compatible with DIGItemp™ Thermometer
    UN5184 Digital Thermometer Probe Covers £ 100/Pack


    Ear Thermometer Probe Covers

    Disposable probe covers. RADIANT probe covers (for TH series), OMRON Probe Covers, or BRAUN ThermoScan Probe covers (for use with Pro series thermometers)

    (Click on images to enlarge)
    96.25.100 RADIANT (for TH series) £ 40/Box
    M4672-3 OMRON £ 20/Box
    IPC200 BRAUN THERMOSCAN(Bulk Pack) £ 200/Box

    Welch Allyn® have launched a new Probe cover to fit the new Braun Pro6000 Ear Thermometer. This probe cover is also backwards compatible with the Braun Pro4000 Ear Thermometer. Please see the information sheet for loading instructions:


    Aluminium Noots Ear Tanks

    1. Aluminium Noots ear tank
    2. Perfect for use when ear irrigating
    3. CE Marked
    IP38 Aluminium Noots Ear Tanks £ Each


    Chelmed™ Single Use Noots Ear Tanks®

    1. Single use pulp noots ear tanks
    2. Diameter 5.5cm

    I004 Chelmed™ Single Use Noots Ear Tank® £ 100/Box


    Pen Torch

    1. Pinpoint hi-intensity disposable light which is especially designed for the medical profession
    2. Light is activated by simply pressing the clip
    3. Manufactured with 2 AAA batteries for many weeks of daily use
    IUN62 Pen Torch £ Each


    Universal™ Wooden Tongue Depressors

    Flat wooden spatula with smooth safely rounded ends.

    M975 Wooden Tongue Depressors £ 100/Box
    Disposable Sterile Single-Use Ear & Nasal InstrumentsBack to Top
    R7830 Jobson Horn Probe 12.5cm £ Each
    R7831 Jobson Horn Probe 18cm £ 40/Box
    R7922 Lister Sinus Forceps 12.5cm £ Each