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Clinell® Range *NEW*


  • Robinson Instraspec® Speculum
  • Pelican Pelispec Speculum
  • Sims Speculum
  • Sampling Brushes
  • Thread Retriever
  • Pelican Disposable IUD Devices
  • Instillaquill Extension Tubes
  • Lubricating Gels & Applicators
  • Optilube™
  • Aquagel®
  • K-Y* Jelly
  • Proctoscopes
  • Disposable Proctoscopes
  • Pelican Proctoscopes

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    Robinson Healthcare Instraspec® Sterile Disposable Vaginal Speculum

    1. Strong & unbreakable in normal use
    2. Guaranteed sterility to eliminate cross infection
    3. Smooth, rounded design for improved patient comfort
    4. Crystal clear for maximum visibility
    5. Silent, rapid locking system to minimise procedure duration
    6. Latex free
    7. Individual sterile packs with easy tear opening
    8. Convenient flip front case for rapid dispensing
    9. BSI UK accreditation to BS EN ISO9001
    10. BSI UK accreditation to BS EN ISO13485
    11. CE marked to fully conform to Medical Devices Directive

    IN8100 Instraspec® Speculum: Small 25/Box £
    IN8101 Instraspec® Speculum: Medium 25/Box £
    IN8102 Instraspec® Speculum: Medium-Long 25/Box £


    Pelican Pelispec Vaginal Speculum With Lock

    1. Market leading Pelispec Single-Use sterile cusco vaginal speculum
    2. Superior medical grade plastic ensures exceptional strength, providing safety and reliability for patient and user
    3. Effective silent lock mechanism guaranteed to hold in the open position and is easy to close after use
    4. Crystal clear transparency gives maximum visibility with no tissue discolouration
    5. Independently laboratory tested for proven clinical effectiveness
    6. Latex-Free
    7. BPA Free
    8. Phthalates Free
    M5109A Pelican Pelispec Speculum With Lock Virgin 25/Box £
    M5105A Pelican Pelispec Speculum With Lock Small 25/Box £
    M5106A Pelican Pelispec Speculum With Lock Medium 25/Box £
    M5107A Pelican Pelispec Speculum With Lock Medium Long/Large 25/Box £
    M5108A Pelican Pelispec Speculum With Lock Broad 25/Box £


    Pelican Sims Speculum

    1. Gynaecological sterile Sims speculum
    2. Effective design and shape, the two-sized ends offer the professional a choice
    M4131 Pelican Sims Speculum £ 5/Pack


    Rovers® Cervex Brush® (Cervix Examination Brush)

    1. Soft, flexible brush enables collection of the endocervical area and transformation zone in one single movement
    2. Used to obtain cell samples
    3. Increased reliability, simple to use
    M116 Rovers® Cervex Brush® £ 25/Pack


    Emmett I.U.D. Thread Retriever

    The original retriever to help find lost I.U.D. threads, overall length 25cm.

    M0518 Emmett I.U.D. Thread Retriever £ 5/Pack


    Sterile Pelican Disposable I.U.D. / I.U.S. Devices

    Ergonomic design, Single-Use, sterile I.U.D./I.U.S. devices with guaranteed sterility to eliminate the risk of cross-infection.

    M320 Pelican Sterile Scissors - 220mm £ 5/Pack
    M0300 Pelican Sterile Sponge Holder - 245mm £ 5/Pack
    M0317 Pelican Sterile Coil Remover - 245mm £ 5/Pack
    M0335 Pelican Sterile Vulsellum - 245mm £ 5/Pack
    M4330 Pelican Sterile Tenaculum - 260mm £ 5/Pack
    M5742 Pelican Sterile Uterine Sound - 255mm £ 5/Pack
    M0560 Pelican Sterile Thread Retriever - 240mm £ 5/Pack


    Instillaquill® Sterile Single-Use Extension Tube

    Facilitates the use of Instillagel anaesthetic gel in gynaecological investigations.
    The narrower distal part of Instillaquill® makes it suitable for use in both multiparous and nulliparous women, whilst the adjacent collar acts as a guide to the length of tube inserted into the cervical canal.

    M40-200 Instillaquill® Sterile Single-Use Extension Tube £ 10/Box

    Optilube Lubricating Jelly
    1. Suitable for gynaecological procedures, catheter insertion and general lubrication
    2. Water soluble lubricating jelly easy to apply
    3. Will not damage rubber or metal
    4. Sterile and grease-free formulation
    5. Class IIa Sterile Lubricant Jelly

    M1120 Optilube 5g Sachets £ 50/Pack
    M1121 Optilube Tube 42g £ Each
    M1122 Optilube Tube 82g £ Each


    OptiLube Active

    OptiLube Active is a Sterile Lubricant Gel containing local anaesthetic (Lidocaine) and antiseptics, with each syringe presented in a sterile package.

    OptiLube Active is used for the insertion of catheters and instruments into the body cavity. The gel provides optimum lubrication, whilst the local anaesthetic prevents pain, and the antiseptic properties reduce the risk of infection.

    Compatible with Instillaquill extension tubes

    M6116 OptiLube Active™ 6ml £ 10x 20/Box (200)
    M1161 OptiLube Active™ 11ml £ 10x 20/Box (200)


    Aquagel® Lubricating Jelly

    Universal lubricant recommended for use in gynaecological, digital, instrument examinations and general lubrication procedures.

    M7675 Aquagel® Lubricating Jelly £ 82g Tube
    M7659 Aquagel® Lubricating Jelly - 5g Sachets £ 50/Pack


    K-Y* Lubricating Jelly

    1. Water based, water soluble
    2. Gynaecologist recommended
    3. Non-greasy and non-sticky
    4. Fragrance free and alcohol free
    M1248 K-Y* Lubricating Jelly £ 82g Tube


    Disposable Proctoscopes

    1. High quality Single-Use proctoscope
    2. Made from non-toxic plastic with non-heavy metals avoiding brittleness
    3. Strong and simple to use
    4. Light guide for FO illumination
    5. Clinically clean
    M515 Disposable Proctoscopes Small - 50mm x 22.5mm £ Each
    M513 Disposable Proctoscopes Medium - 53mm x 26mm £ Each
    M514 Disposable Proctoscopes Large - 55mm x 30mm £ Each


    Pelican Sterile Disposable Proctoscopes

    1. Sterile, Single-Use and latex-free disposable proctoscope
    2. Light Adaptor fitting
    3. Manufactured in the UK
    4. Individually packed sterile
    K0370 Pelican Proctoscope - Paediatric 40mm x 15mm
    Sold in case quantity only
    £ 25/Box
    K0380 Pelican Proctoscope - Medium 45mm x 23mm £ 25/Box
    K0390 Pelican Proctoscope - Large 45mm x 26mm £ 25/Box