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Clinell® Range *NEW*


Saline & Sterile Water
  • Irriclens™ Saline Spray
  • Steripod™ Normal Saline
  • Normasol™ Normal Saline
  • Sterile Water
  • Skin Disinfectant
  • Hydrex® Pink Derma Spray
  • Steritane Skin Cleanser
  • HibiTane Plus®
  • Generic Alcohols
  • Alcohol Surface Disinfection
  • Azowipe™ AzoSpray™
  • Sani-Cloth® 70" Wipes
  • Tuffie Wipes
  • Clinell Alcohol Wipes
  • Airstel™ Airborne Disinfectant
  • Individually Wrapped Alcohol Wipes
  • Sani-Cloth® 70" Sachets
  • Sani-Cloth® CHG 2" Sachets
  • Alcowipe® Sachets
  • Clinell® Device Wipes
  • Clinell® Skin Wipes
  • Alcohol-Free Surface Disinfection
  • AZOMAX™ Spray
  • Clinell® Universal Sanitising Wipes
  • Clinell® Detergent Wipes
  • Sporicidal Wipes
  • Distel Disinfectant Wipes
  • Distel Disinfectant Concentrate
  • Environmental Disinfectant Concentrate
  • Detergent Bucket Wipes
  • Sani-Cloth® Active Wipes
  • Cleaner/Disinfection Concentrates
  • Virkon® Disinfectant
  • Presept™ Disinfectant
  • Empty Trigger Spray
  • Body Fluid Spills Kit
  • Clinell® Spill Wipes
  • Instrument Cleaner
  • Enzystel Enzymatic Instrument Cleaner
  • Helizyme Enzymatic Cleaner
  • Instrument Disinfectant & Sterilant
  • Barbicide®
  • Medistel Disinfectant Concentrate
  • PeraSafe™ Instrument Sterilant Powder
  • Sterilisation Products
  • Sterilisation Pouches
  • Sterilisation Pouch Reel
  • Clinell Indicator Range
  • Browne TST Indicators

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    Irriclens™ Sterile Saline Spray

    1. Sterile saline aerosol solution used for irrigating and cleansing chronic and acute wounds
    2. Contains 0.9% w/v Sodium Chloride, and can be dispensed as a jet from a pressurised aerosol can
    M130 Irriclens™ Sterile Saline Spray £ 240ml Spray


    Steripod™ Normal Saline

    Sterile solution of 0.9% w/v sodium chloride Ph Eur in purified water Ph Eur packed in a polyethylene ampoule.

    1. Twist-off top makes opening easy
    2. Gentle for drop-by-drop dispensing
    3. Cost-effective, Convenient
    M1000 Steripod™ Normal Saline £ 25 x 20ml Pods Out of stock


    Normasol Sterile Saline Sachets

    1. Normasol is a sterile solution of 0.9% w/v sodium chloride in purified water
    2. Isotonic solution which will not harm cells
    3. Each sachet is sterile, self-contained and disposable resulting in minimal waste and reduced risk of cross contamination
    4. Provides effective topical irrigation of wounds, burns and eyes
    5. Convenient, Single-Use sachets
    M6774 Normasol Sterile Saline Sachets 25ml £ 25/Pack


    Sterile Water

    1. De-ionised sterile water for irrigation (not for injection)
    2. Twist cap to break open functionality
    M7114 Sterile Water £ 1 Litre Bottle


    Hydrex® Pink Derma Spray

    1. For the rapid disinfection of intact skin prior to injection and minor surgical procedures
    2. Chlorhexidine Gluconate 0.5% w/v in 70% v/v DEB
    3. Complete, ready to use trigger spray for easy application
    M6694 Hydrex® Pink Derma Spray - 500ml Spray £


    STEREX Steritane Skin Cleanser

    1. Skin cleanser for pre-treatment attaining optimum hygiene
    2. Mild formulation tested and approved by electrologists
    3. Containing Chlorhexidine BP to ensure pre-treatment skin disinfection
    4. Easy to use, no measuring or diluting
    5. Flip lid ensures optimum hygiene
    STE1018 STEREX Steritane Skin Cleanser 500ml £ Each


    HibiTane Plus® 5% Concentrate

    1. Used for pre-operative skin disinfection, swabbing in obstetrics, wounds and burns
    2. Composition: Chlorhexidine Gluconate 5% w/v
    3. Chlorhexidine is effective against a wide range of Gram-positive and Gram-negative vegetative bacteria, yeasts, dermatophyte fungi and lipophilic viruses
    IC0973 HibiTane Plus® 5% Concentrate £ 5 Litre Bottle


    Generic Alcohols - 600ml Bottle

    1. Hydrex® Clear - Chlorhexidine in Spirit 70% v/v DEB
    2. I.M.S - Industrial Methylated Spirit BP 70% v/v
    3. I.P.A - Isopropyl Alcohol BP 70% v/v
    M7208 Hydrex Clear £ 600ml Bottle
    M9430 I.M.S £ 600ml Bottle
    M2568 I.P.A £ 600ml Bottle


    Azowipes and AzoSpray

    1. Bactericidal wipes saturated with a 70% v/v solution of Isopropyl Alcohol BP for the disinfection of hard surfaces
    2. Fast bactericidal action against MRSA, E.Coli and a wide range of other micro-organisms
    M81104 Azowipette™ Small Wipes
    (Wipe Size - 18.5cm x 13cm)
    £ 100/Tub
    M1103 Azowipe™ Large Wipes
    (Wipe Size - 22cm x 20cm)
    £ 200/Tub
    M8112 Azo™ Spray 500ml £ Each


    Sani-Cloth 70% Wipes

    1. Surface wipe saturated with 70% v/v Isopropyl Alcohol BP
    2. Effective bactericidal action against MRSA, E.Coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and a diverse range of micro-organisms
    3. Can be used to decontaminate medical devices prior to sterilisation
    T0142 Sani-Cloth 70% Small Wipes
    (Wipe Size - 18.5cm x 13cm)
    £ 125/Tub
    M0159 Sani-Cloth 70% Large Wipes
    (Wipe Size - 22cm x 20cm)
    £ 200/Tub


    Tuffie Wipes

    1. Hard surface disinfection wipes saturated with a 70% v/v solution of Isopropyl Alcohol BP
    2. Effective bactericidal action against MRSA, E.Coli and a diverse range of other micro-organisms
    3. Wipe Size: 22cm x 20cm

    M901 Tuffie Wipes £ 200/Tub
    Clinell Alcohol RangeBack to Top


    Multi-purpose wipes for surfaces & equipment cleans & disinfects

    Clinell Alcohol Wipes contain 70% Isopropyl alcohol and act as a rapid disinfectant for medical devices, surfaces and equipment with proven bactericidal action, they kill 99.999% of germs including E. coli, Enterococcus, Pseudomonas and MRSA according to EN1276 and EN13727.
    Their low smear, antibacterial formula makes them suitable for use on a wide range of surfaces and equipment including mattresses, bed frames, computer screens, keyboards and telephones.
    The medical grade alcohol evaporates quickly leaving no residue making it perfect for surfaces such as glass, stainless steel and monitor screens.
    The unique flow wrap design means less packaging, less waste. The clip lid keeps wipes wetter for longer.

    Alcohol Wipes Plus

    Clinell Alcohol Wipes Plus deliver the same high quality pharmaceutical grade alcohol with the added benefit of 0.5% Quaternary Ammonium for additional protection and kill action.

    MCAW100L Clinell Large Alcohol Wipes 18 x 18cm £ 100/Pack
    MCAW150L Clinell Alcohol Wipes 18 x 18cm £ 150/Pack
    Airstel™ Airborne Disinfectant

    Airstel™ High-Level Airborne Disinfectant

    Airstel™ is a single-shot, ready-to-use, rapid disinfectant designed for the bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal disinfection of inaccessible surfaces. Its unique formulation incorporates a natural cinnamon oil extract which is especially effective against Aspergillus brasiliensis.
    Airstel™ is intended to be used for terminal disinfection, following contact surface disinfection, to ensure airborne microorganisms are eliminated.

    The exclusive design of Airstel™, with its total discharge valve, allows for the dispersing of contents in a single application. This achieves a double effect: disinfection of surfaces and quick and effective elimination of unpleasant odours. The product fulfils two objectives simultaneously: environmental and surface disinfection.

    Microbiological Efficacy - Airstel™ is effective against bacteria (EN 1276), fungi (EN 1650) and enveloped viruses (EN14476 against H1N1, surrogated flu virus for lipophilic viruses (Flu, Coronavirus, Ebola, Hepatitis, HIV).

    1. Operating theatres
    2. Examination rooms/Intensive care units
    3. Isolation wards
    4. Ambulances
    5. Air conditioning systems
    6. Mortuaries
    TAG001 Airstel™ High-Level Airborne Disinfectant 50ml
    (for rooms up to 40m2)
    £ Each
    TAG003 Airstel™ High-Level Airborne Disinfectant 300ml
    (for rooms up to 150m2)
    £ Each


    PDI® Sani-Cloth® 70% Wipes - Sachets

    1. Disposable disinfection wipes for medical devices
    2. Effective bactericidal action against MRSA, E. Coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and a diverse range of micro-organisms
    3. 70% v/v Isopropyl alcohol, BP
    4. Sterile and individually packed
    5. Wipe Size: 18cm x 14cm
    M4100 PDI® Sani-Cloth® 70% Wipes - Sachets £ 100/Box


    PDI® Sani-Cloth® CHG 2% Wipes - Sachets

    Disposable high-level disinfection and decontamination wipes for medical devices, instruments and surfaces.

    1. Supports Epic 2 and NICE guidelines for the disinfection of hubs and connection ports
    2. 70% v/v Isopropyl alcohol, BP & 2% w/v Chlorhexidine Gluconate saturated wipes
    3. Sterile and individually packed
    4. Wipe Size: 18cm x 14cm
    H00220 PDI® Sani-Cloth® CHG 2% Wipes - Sachets £ 100/Box


    Alcowipe® Alcohol Wipes - Sachets

    Alcowipe® alcoholic wipes are used for the routine disinfection of trolleys, trays, tables and other hard surfaces.

    1. Made from strong paper tissue, saturated with 70% v/v Isopropyl alcohol BP
    2. Fast, effective and quick drying
    3. Sterile and individually packed
    4. Wipe Size: 18cm x 14cm
    M6725 Alcowipe® Alcohol Wipes - Sachets £ 100/Box


    Clinell Alcoholic 2% Chlorhexidine Device Wipes

    Clinell Alcoholic 2% Chlorhexidine is a disposable disinfection wipe for medical devices pre-saturated with 70% alcohol and 2% Chlorhexidine Gluconate. It was brought out to provide disinfection under guidelines set out by EPIC2 and Saving Lives. These wipes are a class IIa medical device regulated under the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC under the supervision of notified body number 0473, AMTAC certification services.
    Proven to be superior to both 70% alcohol and 10% Povidone-Iodine for preventing central venous and arterial catheter related infections.

    MCA2C200 Clinell Alcoholic 2% Chlorhexidine Device Wipes 19 x 10.5cm £ 200/Box


    Clinell Alcoholic 2% Chlorhexidine Skin Wipes

    Clinell Alcoholic 2% Chlorhexidine Skin wipes are ideal for cleaning skin after dressing and plaster removal, especially where the dressing has caused dirt to develop.
    The wipes have been dermatologically tested and are latex free. They are regulated under the Biocidal Products Directive (BPD) 98/8/EC and is subject to the procedures set out in the Biocidal Products Directive (BPD) 98/8/EC.
    The powerful cleaning formula contains two main active ingredients: 2% Chlorhexidine Gluconate and 70% Isopropyl alcohol.

    MCA2CSKIN Clinell Alcoholic 2% Chlorhexidine Skin Wipes 10.5 x 10.5cm £ 200/Box


    AZOMAX™ Spray

    AZOMAX™ is a 2-in-1 alcohol-free cleaning and disinfectant spray which contains a revolutionary patent pending proprietary Advanced Active Technology™ formulation containing a mix of surfactants and 5 biocides including quaternary ammonium compounds (QACs), bronopol and polymeric biguanide (PHMB), complementing one another to create a powerful 2-in-1 cleaning and disinfectant which has a 24 hour residual activity, providing continuous antimicrobial activity.

    AZOMAX™ is NHS approved and is widely used in professional settings including healthcare areas such as casualty departments, operating theatres, GP, dental surgeries, laboratories, clean rooms and care homes. Furthermore, AZOMAX™ is also used widely in non health areas including food manufacturing, hospitality and catering, schools and educational community where infection prevention and control is fundamental.

    AZOMAX™ has been fully validated by United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) accredited laboratories. In the UK, (UKAS) is the sole national accreditation body recognised by the UK government to assess the competence of laboratories that provide certification, testing, inspection and calibration services. AZOMAX™ products have undergone rigorous testing to ensure that it conforms to its stated efficacy against a broad range of micro-organisms, giving you confidence that our alcohol-free disinfectant actually does what is says, providing a rapid and effective level of cleaning and disinfection.

    AZOMAX™ is compliant with the following recognised European EN standards against a wide range of mico-organisms including: Bactericidal - EN1040, EN1276 and EN13727, Virucidal - EN14476, Yeasticidal/Fungicidal - EN1650/EN13624, Mycobactericidal - EN14348

    1. Active Technology, perfect for "one-step" cleaning and disinfection of non-invasive medical devices
    2. Broad spectrum activity against a range of the most 21 pathogenic micro-organisms including E.Coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Proteus mirabilis, Staphylococcus aureu, Enterococci, Mycobacterium terrae, MRSA, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV, Vaccinia, Flaviviridae, Candida albicans, Norovirus, H1N1, Acinetobacter, Klebsiella pneunmonia, Listeria, Salmonella, Legionella and SARS
    3. Residual antimicrobial activity for 24 hours
    4. Rapid contact times from 5 mins
    5. Non-corrosive and Non-flammable
    6. Aldehyde-free, chlorine-free, alcohol-free
    7. Contains pleasant smelling AZOMAX™ fragrance
    8. Formulation is skin friendly, universal and suitable to be used on hands, surfaces and equipments
    9. Certified Halal approved by European Halal Development agency making it suitable for food manufacturing, hospitality and catering sectors
    10. Compliant with HTM-01-05 guidelines
    AM500SCE AZOMAX™ Spray 500ml £ Each
    Clinell Universal Sanitising RangeBack to Top


    Multi-purpose universal wipes to clean & disinfect

    Clinell Universal Wipes provide a range of products for hands, surface disinfection and cleaning of non-invasive medical devices.
    Containing a unique, patented antimicrobial formula they can be used as a disinfectant, detergent and hand wipe - replacing the need for multiple wipes and surface cleaners.
    Proven to kill at least 99.999% of germs - Clinell Universal Wipes are one of the most effective antimicrobial products on the market.
    This revolutionary formula contains a mix of different biocides. Each biocide has a different mechanism of action, reducing the risk of germs developing resistance.

    MW102 Clinell Universal Wipes (Tub) 20 x 25cm £ 100/Tub
    MWTUB10 Clinell Universal Tub Refill 20 x 25cm £ 100/Pack
    MW200 Clinell Universal Wipes 22 x 28cm £ 200/Pack
    MW40 Clinell Universal Wipes 20 x 20cm £ 40/Pack
    MWM140 Clinell Universal Maceratable Wipes 22 x 26cm £ 140/Pack
    MBUC225 Clinell Universal Bucket Wipes 26 x 26cm £ 225/Bucket
    MBUC220R Clinell Universal Bucket Refill 26 x 26cm £ 225/Refill
    MWCP50 Clinell Universal Wipes Clip Pack 20 x 20cm £ 50/Pack
    MWSS20 Clinell Universal Disinfectant Sachets 30 x 40cm £ 20/Box
    CDS500 Clinell Universal Trigger Spray 500ml £ Each
    Clinell Detergent RangeBack to Top


    Multi-surface general cleaning damp dusting

    Alcohol & disinfectant free

    Clinell Detergent Wipes provide an ideal choice for multi-surface general cleaning and damp dusting.
    Specially formulated to thoroughly remove dirt from hard surfaces, the wipes offer a convenient and effective way to clean prior to disinfection.
    They contain a patent pending, unique, new formula which has even stronger cleaning power and ultra low smear compounds compared to any other competing detergent brand.

    MCDCP60 Clinell Detergent Wipes Clip Pack 20 x 20cm £ 60/Pack
    MCDT100 Clinell Detergent Wipes (Tub) 20 x 25cm £ 110/Tub
    MCDW215 Clinell Detergent Wipes 22 x 28cm £ 215/Pack
    MCDB260 Clinell Detergent Bucket Wipes 26 x 26cm £ 260/Bucket
    MCDB220 Clinell Detergent Bucket Refill 26 x 26cm £ 260/Pack


    Clinell Sporicidal Wipes

    Clinell Sporicidal Wipes are the most powerful wipes in the world and are used specifically to target Clostridium difficile.
    The wipes produce peracetic acid as the active ingredient which will kill all germ groups thus providing a direct and safe alternative to chlorine products.
    Clinell Sporicidal Wipes, which contains patented technology, are designed for use on all surfaces and non-invasive equipment.
    They are inactive when dry, and with the addition of water they immediately generate peracetic acid levels that are proven to kill all known micro-organisms.

    MCS25 Clinell Sporicidal Wipes 21 x 30cm £ 25/Pack


    Distel High-Level Disinfectant Wipes

    Intended for cleaning hard surfaces of non-invasive, non-lumened medical devices such as monitors I.V. poles an X-Ray equipment. Not to be used to disinfect invasive medical devices.

    1. For use in all high risk areas and on most surfaces
    2. Also for surface disinfection of machines (X-Ray, Mammography, Ultrasound etc) and breathing apparatus
    3. Suitable for the surface disinfection of benches, shelves and laboratory equipment
    4. For the disinfection of probes, centrifuges, pipettes, incubators as well as other sealed devices
    5. Certified using HIRL, EN and EPA approved protocols as Bactericidal, Fungicidal, Virucidal, Mycobacterial and Sporicidal
    TM353 Distel High-Level Disinfectant Wipes - Small
    (Wipe size: 13.5cm x 18.5cm)
    £ 100/Tub


    Distel Eucalyptus High-Level Medical Surface Disinfectant Concentrate

    Intended for cleaning and disinfecting of hard surfaces of non-invasive, non-lumened medial devices such as monitors, IV poles, beds, patient trolleys and X-ray equipment. Not to be used to disinfect invasive medical devices

    1. For use in cleaning and disinfection of non-invasive medical devices to reduce risk of infection
    2. Available as 1 or 5 litre concentrate, or as a ready to use 500ml trigger spray mixed at 1:10
    3. Bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal
    TM302 Distel Eucalyptus Medical Surface Disinfectant £ 500ml Spray
    TM304 Distel Eucalyptus Medical Surface Disinfectant £ 1 Litre Self Dosing Bottle
    TM308 Distel Eucalyptus Medical Surface Disinfectant £ 5 Litre


    Distel Citrus High-Level Environmental Disinfectant Concentrate

    Distel disinfectant is tested at user dilutions by an EPA approved laboratory and by independent UK government registered laboratories. Effective against a wide range of micro-organisms including HIV, Hepatitis B, Norovirus, E Coli, Acinetobacter calcoaceticus, Streptococcus spp., Staphyloccus spp., Salmonella spp., Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Campylobacter jejuni, Listeria monocytogenes, Aspergillus niger, Candida albicans.

    1. For use in cleaning and disinfection of environmental areas to reduce risk of cross infection
    2. Biodegradable under OECD conditions
    3. Free of phenols
    4. Bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal
    TR094 Distel Citrus Environmental Disinfectant £ 5 Litre


    Detergent Bucket Wipes

    1. Impregnated with a low level detergent - ideal for the cleaning of beds and mattresses, damp dusting and most other surfaces
    2. For the routine cleaning of surfaces sensitive to alcohol
    3. Contains no alcohol or disinfectant
    4. Strong wipes, easy to use dispensing tub
    5. Wipes size: 25cm x 30cm
    CMW01X Cutan Detergent Bucket Wipes £ 225/Bucket
    M0175 Sani-Cloth Detergent Bucket Wipes £ 225/Bucket
    MXP0210 Sani-Cloth Detergent Bucket Wipes Refill Pack £ 225/Pack


    Tuffie 5 Wipes

    1. Tuffie 5 wipes are scientifically tested to quickly clean and disinfect. The generous sized wipe provides ample coverage to wipe down surfaces, equipment and non invasive medical devices
    2. Alcohol & Chlorine free providing a safe to use wipe which is also kind to the environment
    3. Eradicates all major pathogen groups
    4. Wipe Size: 30 x 25cm
    M902 Tuffie 5 Wipes £ 225/Bucket

    Sani-Cloth Active Wipes

    Sani-Cloth Active is an alcohol-free disinfectant used on alcohol sensitive Medical Devices such as ultra-sound probes, incubators and plastic made devices. Offers a high level of disinfection but does not replace sterilisation when necessary.

    XP00190 Sani-Cloth Active Wipes 200/Canister £


    Virkon Hard Surface Disinfectant

    1. VIRKON is the ultimate cleaner/disinfectant for all hard surfaces in healthcare, laboratory, food preparation and public environments
    2. Proven effective against 22 virus families including HIV, Hepatitis B & C and MRSA
    3. Cleans and disinfects in a single operation
    4. Dissolve 5g of Virkon in 500mls of water and the solution is ready to use
    5. The working solution is stable for approximately 5 days
    M280 Virkon 5g Tablets £ 50/Tub


    Presept™ Disinfectant

    For the disinfection of instruments, working surfaces, glassware, equipment, together with all general disinfection.

    Presept™ effervescent tablets produce a rapid acting wide spectrum disinfectant solution effective against vegetative bacteria, fungi, viruses and bacterial spores.

    MB05 Presept™ Disinfectant 0.5g Tablets £ 600/Tub
    M5325 Presept™ Disinfectant 2.5g Tablets £ 100/Tub
    M5330 Presept™ Disinfectant Granules 500g £ 500g Tub


    Empty Trigger Spray Bottle

    1. Empty trigger spray bottle for diluting concentrated liquids
    2. The bottle is marked with graduations of both millimetres (up to 600ml) and ounces (up to 22 Oz)
    TR025 Empty Trigger Spray Bottle - 750ml £ Each


    Biohazard Body Fluid Spills Kit

    Efficient, simple stepped approach to biohazard control. Everything required to clean up, contained in one simple pack, simple to grab, simple to use, simple to destroy.

    This kit contains 5 single application clean-up packs, for the safe handling, containment and disposal of infectious micro-organisms contained in blood, vomit, urine, mucus, faeces and semen. Meets the current Health and Safety requirements.

    Dimensions: Height 32cm, Width 33.5cm, Depth 9.5cm
    1 Single Application Contents
    1Disinfectant Spray (8ml)
    1Absorbent Granules (10g)
    1Disposable Gloves (Pair)
    1Polythene Apron
    2Dry Wipes
    1Biohazard Bag
    1Disinfectant Wipe
    1Pack Tissues (10)
    F718 Biohazard Body Fluid Clean Up Kit
    (5 Applications)
    F717 Biohazard Body Fluid Clean Up Refill
    (Single Application)


    Clinell Spill Wipes

    Clinell Spill Wipes are a simple, quick and highly effective product which replaces the need for expensive, difficult and dangerous to use chlorine granule spill kits.
    The traditional method is a time consuming process which is often neglected by nursing staff due to the inconvenience of using such products. This innovative product will have a major effect on dealing with spills and will save time and money as well as increase compliance. It consists of a super absorbent pad containing a special 2 layered non woven covered with a plastic backing. This pad will absorb up to a litre of fluid and once absorbed the fluid will trigger an oxidative reaction within the pad itself which will neutralise all the pathogens within the spill. It also comes with two individually wrapped disinfectant wipes to complete the clean and allow any staining from the original spill to be removed.

    MCSW1 Clinell Spill Wipes 40 x 40cm £ Each


    Enzystel Enzymatic Instrument Cleaner

    Bactericidal multi-enzyme detergent concentrate which dissolves and removes proteinaceous and organic material (blood, saliva, mucous, fats etc) from the surfaces of instruments and equipment.

    Can be diluted at 1 part in 50 parts water for soaking instruments (10 minutes), and 1 part in 100 parts water for use as a flushing solution (use recommended machine times) in automatic reprocessing machines, ultrasonic baths and other automated instrument cleaning systems.

    Non-foaming (designed as a pre-autoclave or automated system cleaner) and non-corrosive (safe on all metals, plastics, rubbers etc)

    MD315 Enzystel Instrument Cleaner £ 1 Litre Self Dosing Bottle


    Helizyme Enzymatic Cleaner

    1. A high performance solution for manual and ultra-sonic pre-cleaning of delicate surgical instruments
    2. Effective removal of organic films, blood secretions, mucus and other organic contaminants
    3. Economical to use, only 1% Helizyme diluted with water
    4. Inclusion of special corrosion inhibitors ensure that it is compatible with a wide range of metal and plastic materials
    5. Extraordinarily effective for cleaning biofilms which are particularly difficult to remove
    H18557 Helizyme Enzymatic Cleaner £ 1 Litre Concentrate


    Barbicide® Concentrate

    1. An effective disinfectant, Pseudomonacide, Fungicide, and Virucide
    2. Kills HIV-1 (AIDS Virus), Hepatitis B (HBV) and Hepatitis C (HCV) on surfaces and instruments
    3. The anti-rust formula is ideal for use in beauty salons, hair-dressing salons and barber shops
    4. For a hospital strength formula dilute 60ml of Barbicide® in 1 litre of water
    TR603 Barbicide® Concentrate £ 1.89 Litre Bottle


    Barbicide® Disinfectant Spray

    Hard Surface Cleaner and Disinfectant Spray.
    The famous hospital-grade broad-spectrum disinfectant formula will not stain skin or surfaces. Safe for acrylic tanning beds, stainless steel, plastics, just about any salon tool or surface.

    1. Disinfect and touch-up any time
    2. Just spray and wipe
    TR020 Barbicide® Disinfectant Spray 946ml £
    TR013 Barbicide® Bullets 6x 60ml + Empty Trigger Spray £


    Medistel Instrument Disinfectant Concentrate

    Medistel is a high-level disinfectant for medical devices, based on quaternary ammonium compounds. Medistel has demonstrated efficacy against Gram- and Gram+ bacteria, yeasts, fungi, viruses, mycobacteria and spores according to European Norms.

    Intended for the chemical reprocessing of flexible and rigid endoscopes and surgical instruments, it combines efficacy with rapid action. It is primarily designed for open sink use but is also suitable for ultrasonic baths. The non-oxidising formulation is also safe for instruments. Tests have shown that Medistel will not harm sensitive materials including flexible fibre optic instruments.

    1. For disinfection of thermosensitive medical devices
    2. Non-aldehyde formulation
    3. CE marked as a Class IIb Medical Device
    4. Mix 50ml of concentrate with 950ml of water to make 1 litre mixture, which will then remain active for up to 14 days
    5. Contact Times: Bactericidal - 5 minutes, Fungicidal - 10 minutes, Non-Enveloped Viruses - 60 minutes, Enveloped Viruses - 10 minutes, Tuberculocidal - 20 minutes, Sporicidal - 30 minutes
    MD308 Medistel Concentrate £ 1 Litre Self Dosing Bottle


    PeraSafe™ Instrument Sterilant Powder

    1. A safer form of paracetic acid which is rapidly effective4 for the decontamination of medical devices, having been proven against Mycobacterium, tuberculosis, HIV and other blood-borne viruses as well as vegetative and spore forming bacteria
    2. Supplied as a safe, inactive powder, simply activated by dissolving in water
    3. Aldehyde-free formulation ensures no harm to equipment, no health risks to staff and no need for specialist fume extraction or waste disposal
    4. Compatible with all makes of flexible endoscopes, and many other reusable medical devices, also compatible with most makes of automated endoscope re-processors

    MD4755 PeraSafe™ 81g (Makes 5 Litres) £ Each
    MD4795 PeraSafe™ 810g (Makes 50 Litres) £ Each


    Premier® Sterilisation Pouches

    Self-sealing sterilisation pouches feature a double adhesive strip seal for added safety and security of the contents.

    1. A white indicator strip on each pouch clearly confirms the sterility on the instrument inside by changing to brown
    2. The transparent front panel is backed with medical grade paper providing good wet strength properties for steam sterilisation
    3. Very economical, no need for costly sealing equipment or time consuming wrapping and packing techniques
    4. Suitable for use with ethylene oxide gas or steam sterilisation
    M3705 Premier Sterilisation Pouches - 90mm x 203mm £ 200/Box
    M3710 Premier Sterilisation Pouches - 90mm x 230mm £ 200/Box
    M3715 Premier Sterilisation Pouches - 133mm x 254mm £ 200/Box
    M3720 Premier Sterilisation Pouches - 190mm x 330mm £ 200/Box


    Protect+ Self-Seal Sterilisation Pouches

    Protect+ Self seal Sterilisation Pouches are easy to open pouches manufactured from medical grade paper. Strong end seals and a colour indicator to show that sterilisation has taken place ensure sterility and prevent contamination. Each individual Sterilisation Pouch contains an sign and date area, aiding auditing procedures.

    SPP/5000 Protect+ Sterilisation Pouches - 59mm x 127mm £ 200/Box
    SPP/5001 Protect+ Sterilisation Pouches - 86mm x 165mm £ 200/Box
    SPP/5002 Protect+ Sterilisation Pouches - 86mm x 253mm £ 200/Box
    SPP/5003 Protect+ Sterilisation Pouches - 135mm x 278mm £ 200/Box
    SPP/5004 Protect+ Sterilisation Pouches - 188mm x 330mm £ 200/Box
    SPP/5006 Protect+ Sterilisation Pouches - 305mm x 381mm £ 200/Box


    Sterilisation Pouch Reel

    1. Made from the same material as sterilisation pouches
    2. Suitable for packaging extra long products or creating individual pouches of special length
    3. Meets BS EN 868 part 1 & 5
    4. Incorporating steam and E.O indicators
    5. 50mm wide x 100 metres long
    MZ-100 Sterilisation Pouch Reel £ Each
    Clinell Indicator RangeBack to Top


    Helps to implement effective hygiene procedures

    Indicator Notes:

    1. Clinell Clean Indicators are a convenient way to help implement effective hygiene procedures
    2. The notes offer a quick and effective system for labelling equipment after it has been sanitised
    3. It is similar to a post it note but made from plastic
    4. They are ideal for using on smooth surfaces that may not hold the indicator tape as well e.g. infusion pump drip stands, monitors etc
    5. Clinell Clean Indicators are the easiest way to illustrate a completed sanitation procedure

    Indicator Tape:

    1. Clinell Clean Indicators are the easiest way to illustrate completed sanitation procedure
    2. Simple and quick, by attaching the bright green tape, it is easy to show that objects and equipment have been cleaned and disinfected. By filling in the boxes on the label, the responsible person is also able to leave a clear record of having done so.
    3. Ideal for commodes, bed frames, drip stands and other equipment - the tape can be attached after disinfection, to clearly show that the object had been sanitised
    4. Each roll comes with a pen included, so that the person who has carried out the cleaning can fill out the indicator tape to show the date, time and their name
    MCCIN500 Clinell Indicator Notes - 2 x 500 Notes £ 1 Pack
    MCCIT100 Clinell Indicator Tape 100m/Roll £ Each
    MCCITDISP Clinell Indicator Tape Dispenser £ Each



    Browne TST Cycle Verification Indicators

    When placed inside trays, packs or pouches, a TST Control Cycle Verification (Emulating) Indicator will confirm that good quality steam has penetrated to the point of placement.
    Changing from yellow to dark blue/purple, end users have clear visual reassurance of exposure to the specific cycle parameters proven to render items sterile.
    The TST Control Cycle Verification (Emulating) Indicator allows the end user to single out individual trays, packs or pouches that were not exposed to sufficient sterilization conditions.

    1. Conforms to EN867-1 Class D & ISO 11140-1 Class 6

    Compatible with all manual traceability systems the TST Control Duplex label is ideal for use in departments, clinics or surgeries that use small steam bench top sterilizers.

    M2340 Browne TST Control™ Indicators 134°C / 3.5 mins £ 100/Box
    BR5017 Browne TST Control™ Duplex Labels 134°C / 3.5 mins £ 200/Box