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January - March 2018 Price List
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Issue 17 Brochure

Due to ongoing significant changes in the economy we within the medical industry have been experiencing constantly fluctuating price changes; thus making it very challenging for us to hold prices over the last few months.
As a direct result of this we have made the decision not to produce a new brochure until the market achieves a greater degree of stability. Prices within the industry are set to continue fluctuating and as such any pricing in a brochure would likely be outdated by the time it reached customers.

We continue to do our utmost to hold prices as long as possible and even decrease prices wherever and whenever possible. Moving forward we shall be putting together a quarterly price list, which will be available to download online as a PDF document.
These quarterly price lists will directly correlate with products in the 'Issue 17 Brochure', however we encourage all customers to use our website as this is the most up to date and accurate source of information on: Current Pricing, Special Offers and New Products.

We at Nu-Care Products Ltd thank you for your patience and understanding in regards to this matter, and for your continuing custom and support.

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Recycled White Couch Rolls

  1. 20" (50cm) 2 ply soft recycled white couch rolls with easy tear perforations
  2. Produced with the environment in mind to deliver on the responsibility to reduce environmental impact
  3. Manufactured in the EU in accordance with CHSA guidelines
  4. Each roll individually plastic wrapped for increased hygiene
  5. Perforated sheets size: 48cm (Length) 34cm (Width)
  6. When comparing couch roll prices with other suppliers, please note the length in metres and or sheet quantity per roll
PR506 20" Recycled White Couch Rolls - 135 Sheets per Roll (65 Metres) £ 9/Case Introductory Offer!


Guardian Projet™ Replacement Valve

Replacement valve for Guardian Projet™ 101 Ear Irrigator

IP19060 Guardian Projet™ Replacement Valve £ Each

Silkann® Dermal Cannulas

Twin-packed flexible aesthetic cannulas and sharp needles designed for operational efficiency and with your patient's comfort in mind. Each cannula with screw thread polycarbonate hub, is supplied with a slightly larger sharp pre-hole needle, giving practitioners the perfect match between cannula and needle to ensure maximum accuracy whilst maintaining optimum patient comfort.

A unique, polycarbonate hub fully compatible with all types of filler syringes:

  1. A new and unique screw type hub manufactured using polycarbonate to reduce the risk of cannula detachment
  2. Indicator on the hub to show orientation of the port during injection
  3. The best port quality and consistency of port position, to remove risks during procedures
  4. Ports designed to optimise the flow and performance of fillers whilst reducing injection forces
  5. Packed sterile in a single blister in space saving boxes designed to minimise waste

CodeGauageLengthCannulaPre-Hole Needle
Outer DimensionInner DimensionGaugeOuter DimensionInner Dimension

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25G Cannula with 23G Pre-Hole Needle
NAJ1850A Silkann® 25G UTW x 50mm Straight Dermal Cannula
(With Fine Thread Two Start Hub, Closed End and Single Side Port + 23G Pre-Hole Needle)
£ 25/Box Out of stock until March

25G Cannula with 23G Pre-Hole Needle
NAJ1851A Silkann® 25G UTW x 40mm Straight Dermal Cannula
(With Fine Thread Two Start Hub, Closed End and Single Side Port + 23G Pre-Hole Needle)
£ 40/Box

27G Cannula with 25G Pre-Hole Needle
NAJ1861A Silkann® 27G UTW x 40mm Straight Dermal Cannula
(With Fine Thread Two Start Hub, Closed End and Single Side Port + 25G Pre-Hole Needle)
£ 40/Box

30G Cannula with 27G Pre-Hole Needle
NAJ1870A Silkann® 30G UTW x 30mm Straight Dermal Cannula
(With Fine Thread Two Start Hub, Closed End and Single Side Port + 27G Pre-Hole Needle)
£ 40/Box
Handy Towel Kitchen Rolls

Handy Towel Kitchen Rolls

2ply multi-purpose kitchen rolls suitable for all general purpose cleaning such as wiping furniture, worktops, windows and cars, mopping spills, cleaning hands, draining food, and cleaning up after pets.

  1. Highly absorbent
  2. Soft and strong
  3. Good wet strength
  4. 2ply High quality paper
  5. Approx 60 Sheets Per Roll
P304 Handy Towel Kitchen Rolls £ 24 Rolls/Pack
HandyPro® Multi-Purpose Towel

HandyPro® Multi-Purpose Towel

A jumbo sized multi-purpose kitchen towel ideal for cleaning in and around the home or office. Suitable for all general purpose cleaning such as wiping furniture, worktops, windows and cars, mopping spills, cleaning hands, draining food, and cleaning up after pets.

  1. Highly absorbent
  2. Soft and strong
  3. Good wet strength
  4. 2ply High quality paper
  5. Longer lasting, space saving roll
  6. Approx 200 Sheets per roll (39.5 metres)
P301 HandyPro® Multi-Purpose Towel £ Single Roll
Mighty® Big Extra Large Multi-Purpose Wipes

Mighty® Big Extra Large Multi-Purpose Wipes

Mighty® Big Extra Large Multi-Purpose Wipes

An extra large multi-purpose liquid locking texture towel, that absorbs liquid, locking it into soft pockets within the towel giving you better performance that's also durable, soft and strong for lots of applications in the home and office.

Heavy duty sheets ideal for large spillages, smear-free wipes - ideal for polishing glass. Suitable for all household and office cleaning tasks.

  1. Liquid Lock Technology™
  2. Smear Free Cleaning
  3. 3ply - 3 layers of strength and absorbency
  4. Sheet Size: 278mm x 300mm
  5. 70 Sheets per roll
P303 Mighty® Big Extra Large Multi-Purpose Wipes £ 3 Rolls/Pack
Large Oval Cosmetic Cotton Pads

Large Oval Cosmetic Cotton Pads

Large oval shaped cosmetic pads suitable are suitable for spas, skin/beauty clinics and general cleansing as they are versatile. They can be used for applying lotions and creams, cleanser and are perfect for make-up application and removal. The compact surface is also ideal for applying liquids such as nail polish remover and toner etc.

  1. 100% Pure Cotton
  2. Soft & gentle
  3. Ideal for beauty treatments and general cleaning
B09142 Large Oval Cosmetic Cotton Pads £ 50/Pack
Cosmetic Cotton Buds

Cosmetic Cotton Buds

Cosmetic cotton buds are specifically designed for cosmetic application/removal and adjustments.

The two different ends allow you to retouch and perfect make-up application:

♦ The slender/pointed side allows you to correct mistakes, make small adjustments and smudge eyeliner with precision
♦ The flat/rounded side is ideal for fine application of make-up or creams and to blur make-up

  1. 100% Cotton tips
  2. Do not become fluffy
B83043 Cosmetic Cotton Buds £ 80/Pack
Cotton Headbands - Velcro Fastening

Cotton Headbands - Velcro Fastening

High quality wide cotton headbands with an easily adjustable Velcro fastening. The high quality Velcro fastener ensures a comfortable and secure fit and that hair is kept neat and away from the face.
Suitable for facial cleaning, showering, spa/skin treatments, applying makeup or sporty activities/gym. Ideal for spas, skin/beauty clinics and general cleansing.

  1. Soft material and comfortable to wear
  2. Washable
  3. Individually wrapped in polybag
  4. Length: 23" - Width: 3.5"
BD001 Cotton Headband - Velcro Fastening - White £ Each
BD002 Cotton Headband - Velcro Fastening - Black £ Each


Maxi Jumbo Toilet Roll Dispenser

A jumbo toilet roll dispenser with an integrated reversible spigot which enables the use of different roll-core diameters. For use with both perforated and non-perforated paper.

Dimensions: Height: 325mm - Width: 280mm - Depth: 145mm

  1. Complete with key and fixings, locks when shut
  2. Compatible with different roll-core diameters (Capacity 260mm diameter)
  3. Strong white ABS plastic cover and back plate with a window
  4. Stylish clinical design
PJMAX Maxi Jumbo Toilet Roll Dispenser £ Each
Insupen Needles

Insupen Needles

High quality Insupen pen needles for people on insulin. Impeccable quality and thin wall pain-free technology for a more comfortable injection. 'Thin-wall' technology means that the internal diameter of your needle is as large as possible, so that your insulin dose is administered quickly and efficiently.

Insupen pen needles meet all the relevant international standards of compliance and have a needle that suits the needs of almost all pen needle users. They are also subject to many rigorous additional quality tests to make sure they consistently exceed all the required standards.

  1. Subjected to many rigorous additional quality tests
  2. Innovative thin-wall technology providing more efficient insulin delivery
  3. Manufactured in Italy to the highest standards
  4. Made from high quality Japanese steel
  5. Manufactured to ISO 11608-2:2012

Compatible with the following insulin pens
SanofiClikSTAR® | SoloSTAR® | Lyxumia Pen | JuniorStar® | Allstar™
LillyKwikPen® | HumaPen® Memoir | HumaPen® Savvio | HumaPen® Luxura | HumaPen® Luxura HD | Forsteo®
Novo NordiskFlexPen® | NovoPen® 3 | NovoPen® 4 | NovoPen® 5 | NovoPen Echo® | NovoPen® Junior | Victoza® Pen | InnoLet® | FlextTouch®
Amylin PharmaceuticalsByetta™ 5 mcg | Byetta™ 10 mcg
Owen MumfordAutopen® Classic | Autopen® 24
Berlin-ChemieBerlipen® Areo2
M022902 Insupen Needles 31G (0.25mm) - Length: 5mm £ 100/Box
M022989 Insupen Needles 31G (0.25mm) - Length: 6mm £ 100/Box Out of stock
PermaFoam® Comfort Foam Dressing

PermaFoam® Comfort Foam Dressing

PermaFoam® Comfort is a foam wound dressing which has a large heat sensitive, hypoallergenic polyacrylate adhesive film border for a fixation which is safe and impermeable to germs.

For the management of chronic draining wounds including pressure ulcers, leg ulcers and diabetic foot ulcers. For use on medium to heavy exuding wounds. Ideal for use under compression bandaging systems.

  1. Large pores and high absorption capacity effectively support wound cleansing
  2. Specific surface structure stimulates the formation of healthy granulation tissue
  3. Fast vertical absorption reduces the potential of maceration at wound perimeter
  4. High fluid handling capacity may reduce the need for dressing changes
  5. Can be used under compression because of its high retention rate

M409408 PermaFoam® Comfort Foam Dressing - 11cm x 11cm £ 10/Box
3M Tegaderm™ Hydrocolloid Dressing

3M Tegaderm™ Hydrocolloid Dressing

A hydrocolloid dressing for low to moderate draining wounds. Maintains an optimal moist wound environment which has been shown to enhance healing. Significantly higher absorbency than leading hydrocolloid at 48 hours, proven up to 7 day wear time.

Suggested Applications: Partial and full-thickness dermal ulcers, superficial wounds and abrasions, superficial and partial-thickness burns, donor sites.

  1. Hypoallergenic and Latex-free
  2. Smooth outer surface helps reduce the risk of shear and friction
  3. Breathable outer film layer provides consistently high rate of moisture vapour transmission
  4. Water-resistant film border adheres firmly
  5. Film border on oval and sacral dressings eliminates the need for tape and makes dressing application easier
  6. Outer film barrier protects wound and surrounding skin from contaminants, body fluids, bacteria and viruses

M90001 3M Tegaderm™ Hydrocolloid Dressing - 10.1cm x 12cm £ 5/Pack
Aquacel® Foam Adhesive Dressing

Aquacel® Foam Adhesive Dressing

Aquacel® Foam Adhesive Dressing

Aquacel® Foam is the only foam dressings that offers comfort, simplicity and the healing benefits of a Hydrofiber® contact layer.

Designed for: Exuding wounds, Use as a primary dressing on shallow wounds, Use as a secondary dressing on highly exuding wounds, Use for a skin protection as part of a comprehensive protocol of care.

Aquacel® Foam Dressings Layers:

  1. Protective Top Layer - A waterproof top layer that permits evaporation of excess moisture while protecting against viral/bacterial penetration, allowing the patient to shower and bathe
  2. Soft Foam Layer - A soft, absorbent foam pad to enhance patient comfort and absorb excess fluid
  3. Aquacel® Layer - A Hydrofiber® layer that gels on contact with wound fluid and helps provide an optimal environment for wound healing
  4. Gentle Silicone Border - A gentle silicone adhesive that provides secure, skin-friendly adhesion, easy removal and demonstrated low potential for dermal irritation or allergic contact sensitisation

The Hydrofiber® Interface in Aquacel® Foam Dressing:

  1. Reduces pain while dressing is in situ
  2. In its gelled state, supports non-traumatic dressing removal
  3. Does not damage tender, granulating wound tissue during dressing changes
  4. Upon removal, results in low cellular adhesion in both wet and dry environments

M420680 Aquacel® Foam Adhesive Dressing - 10cm x 10cm £ 10/Box
M420619 Aquacel® Foam Adhesive Dressing - 12.5cm x 12.5cm £ 10/Box
M420623 Aquacel® Foam Adhesive Dressing - 21cm x 21cm £ 5/Box
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