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Vygon Bionectors

Bionector is a latex-free 7 day/150 access, closed, needle-free I.V. access system, which minimises the risk of infection and eliminates the risk of needle-stick injury during I.V. access.
When Bionector is in place you can infuse, inject, sample blood, and change your I.V. tubing without opening the I.V. system.

Vygon Bionector
VY0896.02 Double wrapped in non-touch
applicator and soft blister pack
Vygon Bionector
VY0896.03 Bionector in soft blister pack
Bionector - 'Important Cautions and Warnings' & 'Directions for Use'
'Important Cautions and Warnings' & 'Directions for Use'
VY0896.02 Vygon Bionector double wrapped in soft blister pack £ 25/Box
VY0896.03 Vygon Bionector in soft blister pack £ 50/Box


Vygon Extension Set with Bionector

  1. Polyurethane extension line with bionector and clamp
  2. The bionector is 7 day/150 access, closed, needle-free access system
  3. Minimises the risk of infection and allowing you to infuse, inject, sample blood without opening the I.V. system
  4. Latex-free
VY5222.014 Vygon extension set with Bionector £ 50/Box


Vygon V-Green I.V. Extension Line

A simple 150cm polyethylene extension line with male to female luer-lock connections. Narrow bore to minimise priming volume, ideal for drug infusion in animals of all sizes.

VY7.1100.15 Vygon V-Green I.V. Extension Line 150cm £ 50/Box


Vygon Curos Disinfecting Port Protectors

Curos® Port Protector is a simple, innovative and disposable medical device that guards against infection by keeping luer-activated needle-free access devices protected and clean.
Dramatically more effective than a standard alcohol swab in reducing bacteria counts, Curos® is clinician preferred for safeguarding patients from bloodstream infections.

  1. Latex Free
  2. DEHP Free
  3. 100% auditable
  4. Visible colour for improved compliance monitoring
  5. Standardises practice
  6. No drying time required (except for neonatal)
  7. ~5-log reduction
VY001-270 Vygon Curos Disinfecting Port Protectors £ 270/Box


BD Connecta™ Sterile, Single Use Extension Tubing

BD Connecta™ is the result of BD's continuous search for improvement and commitment to risk management in IV Therapy the new grade of polycarbonate and high standard moulding technique contribute to improved resistance to cracking.
BD Connecta™ offers the possibility to feel whether the stopcock is completely open or closed through the on/off snaps.

  1. Sterile & Single Use
  2. Low Priming Volume
  3. Straight Two-Way Fluid Path
  4. CE Marked
  5. Latex-Free
  6. Material (PVC): Polycarbonate, Polyethylene, Polypropylene
  7. Sterilisation Method: Beta Irradiation

BV394995BD Connecta™ Stopcock with Extension Tubing10cmNo360°White0.8ml50/Box£


Vygon Vyclic 3 Way Stopcock

  1. Lipid resistant, lockable three-way stopcock
  2. One rotating male & two female Luer-Lok ports
  3. Colour-coded plugs for venous or arterial identification
  4. Handle position indicates open ports
VY0876.20 Vygon Vyclic 3 Way Stopcock £ 50/Box


BD Connecta 3 way Stopcock

  1. BD 3-Way stopcock with colour-coded pegs
  2. One rotating male and two female Luer-Lok ports
  3. Used for blood transfusion, intravenous therapy, peripheral venous access
BV4601 BD Connecta 3 way Stopcock £ Each


Combi-Stopper Closing Cones

Sterile closing cones for the closure of needle-free injection sites for all kinds of open IV-accesses in IV-Sets and to seal pre-filled syringes.

  1. Luer Lock fitting male and female
  2. Made of PE (Polyethylene), latex and PVC free
  3. Sterile and individually packed
BB95101 Combi-Stopper Closing Cone Red £ Each
BB95209 Combi-Stopper Closing Cone White £ Each


BD PosiFlush™ SP (Sterile Fluid Path)

BD PosiFlush™ Syringes have a 10ml diameter for lower injection pressure, increased patient safety and minimize blood reflux that can be associated with flushing when using a standard syringe.

BD PosiFlush™ Syringes 3ml pre-filled flush syringe, filled with Saline - NaCl (Sodium Chloride) 0.9% provide a fully integrated system designed to satisfy all flushing needs which include:

BD Sterilization:

When the individual syringe package is opened, sterility of the syringe contents is maintained by a tip cap and plunger stopper, which create a sterile barrier.

  1. BD uses a steam autoclave sterilization method which provides a Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) 10-6
  2. Terminal sterilization for greater Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) than aseptic filling
  3. Filled and sterilized prior to labelling & packaging
  4. Should not be re-sterilized
  5. Not intended for use on a sterile field


  1. Sterile contents
  2. Specifically designed for flushing vascular access devices that are not in a sterile field
  3. Designed to comply with PICC manufacturer instructions
  4. Preservative free and does not contain natural rubber latex
  5. Syringe content is sterile, non-toxic and non pyrogenic
BD306573 BD PosiFlush™ SP 3ml £ 30/Box


B|Braun Dispensing Pins

Non-vented Dispensing Pins for aspiration/injection of medication from inverted bags or semi-rigid plastic containers.

  1. Non-vented Dispensing Pin with Two-Way SAFSITE® Valve Luer Lock Connector
  2. Latex-free
  3. DEHP-free

Please note that we do not stock this item, therefore we cannot dispatch same day

BN413501 B|Braun Dispensing Pins with SAFSITE® Valve £ 50/Box
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Butterfly Infusion Sets - 12" (30cm) Tubing
  1. Sterile butterfly winged needle infusion sets
  2. Manufactured by Hospira
  3. A cost effective solution when performing routine venipuncture procedures
  4. Includes colour coded wing colours & luer lock connector
  5. Needle length   ¾" (19mm)
M4820 19G Cream £ 10/Pack
M4821 21G Green £ 10/Pack
M4822 23G Light Blue £ 10/Pack
M4573 25G Orange £ 10/Pack
M4823 27G Grey £ 10/Pack


Terumo® Surflo® Winged Infusion Sets

Terumo's soft, flexible interlocking wings readily conform to the body's contour. The wing is angled for ease of positioning of the needle during venipuncture, for less risk of vessel damage or occlusion of the lumen. The precisely honed needle with ultra-thin wall design assures ease of penetration and continued access with a single insertion.
Terumo® Surflo® Winged Infusion sets have no components made of natural rubber latex.

  1. Cannula length: 19mm
  2. Tubing length: 300mm
TUSV-21BL Terumo® Surflo® 21G x ¾" (Green) Ultra Thin Wall Needle £ 10/Pack
TUSV-23BL Terumo® Surflo® 23G x ¾" (Blue) Ultra Thin Wall Needle £ 10/Pack


Sterile Blood Giving Set

Multi-purpose transfusion set for the administration of blood, plasma, platelets and sterile solutions.

  1. Variable delivery and lock-off control
  2. Latex-Free with kink-resistant tubing
  3. Tubing constructed from PVC, Non pyrogenic
  4. Internal Tube Diameter: 3mm, Tube Length: 150cm
  5. Filter Size: 170 Micron
  6. Luer Lock
  7. CE Marked 0088
  8. Contains Phthalates DEHP
  9. Sterilized Using Ethylene Oxide
M998 Sterile Blood Giving Set £


Universal Mediflex Air Sterile Infusion/Solution Set

Infusion set with Air Inlet, Y-Injection Port and Male Luer Lock Connector.
Sterile gravity infusion set for the administration of sterile solutions from rigid of flexible containers.
NOT suitable for use with for blood or blood derivatives.

  1. Internal Tube Diameter: 3mm, Tube Length: 180cm
  2. 15 Micron Filter
  3. Latex Free PVC Tubing
  4. CE Marked 0088
  5. Phthalate Free
  6. Sterilized Using Ethylene Oxide
M8606 Mediflex Air Sterile Infusion Set £ Each Out of stock
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BD Venflon™ I.V. Cannula With Port

  1. Medication can be administered during infusion or through a bolus via the injection port
  2. Double tapered, facilitating smooth insertion
  3. Intravenous sterile cannula, incorporating an injection port, is intended for intravenous therapy and blood transfusion
M1456 BD Venflon™ I.V. Cannula With Port - 14G - Orange £ Each
M1451 BD Venflon™ I.V. Cannula With Port - 16G - Grey £ Each
M1453 BD Venflon™ I.V. Cannula With Port - 18G - Green £ Each
M1452 BD Venflon™ I.V. Cannula With Port - 20G - Pink £ Each
M1457 BD Venflon™ I.V. Cannula With Port - 22G - Blue £ Each


BD Venflon™ Pro Safety Shielded IV Cannula

The safety IV sterile cannula features a self-activating safety clip that automatically shields the needles' sharp bevel when the needle is retracted, preventing needle stick injuries.

  1. Developed to help minimise the risk of unanticipated blood splash and needlestick injuries
  2. Robust needle tip protection, fully encapsulates needle tip
  3. Ease of penetration (small or fragile veins)
  4. Ergonomically designed to allow for a variety of user techniques and to aid insertion
393229 BD Pro Safety IV Cannula Grey 16G x 1.77" - 1.8mm x 45mm £ Each
393227 BD Pro Safety IV Cannula Green 18G x 1.77" - 1.3mm x 45mm £ Each
393224 BD Pro Safety IV Cannula Pink 20G x 1.26" - 1.1mm x 32mm £ Each
393222 BD Pro Safety IV Cannula Blue 22G x 1.00" - 0.9mm x 25mm £ Each


Steriseal Opthalmic Cannula - Lacrimal

Specialising within cataract surgery, the Steriseal range of cannula ensures the ideal instrument is available for every stage of the procedure.

SS1642 Steriseal Opthalmic Cannula - Peribulbar 25g x 1 ¼" £ 10/Box
SS1276 Steriseal Opthalmic Cannula - Lacrimal 26g x 1 ¼" £ 10/Box


Tegaderm™ Film and Pad Dressings

  1. Transparent film dressing with viral and bacterial barrier
  2. Tegaderm™ provides quick and easy application for both wound & I.V site management
  3. Flexible and conformable, the hypoallergenic adhesive provides excellent adhesion with minimal dressing edge lift
  4. Unique 'frame delivery system' to ensure secure placement of the dressing every time
M1622W Tegaderm™ 4.4cm x 4.4cm With Window £ 100/Box
M1623W Tegaderm™ 6cm x 7cm Ported With Window £ 100/Box
M1624W Tegaderm™ 6cm x 7cm With Window £ 100/Box
M1626W Tegaderm™ 10cm x 12cm With Window £ 50/Box
M1627 Tegaderm™ 10cm x 25cm £ 20/Box
1632DT Tegaderm™ 12cm x 12cm Film Dressing £ 10/Box
3582 Tegaderm™ 5cm x 7cm With Pad £ 50/Box
3586 Tegaderm™ 9cm x 10cm With Pad £ 25/Box
M3589 Tegaderm™ 9cm x 15cm With Pad £ 25/Box
Blood CollectionBack to Top▲
Please note that all products featured below are ordered in upon request.
This unfortunately means they are NOT available for NEXT DAY delivery services.
The delivery time on these items is normally within 3- 5 days, we will advise you if the anticipated delivery time on your order is likely to be longer.



BD Vacutainer® Blood Collection Tubes

Below is just a small selection of the Vacutainer® Blood Collection Tube range available, please contact us with your requirements if you do not see the item listed below.

VS368975 Serum: Red 4ml (clot activator) - Hemogard™ £ 100/Pack
VS367837 Serum: Red 6ml (clot activator) - Hemogard™ £ 100/Pack
VS367895 Serum: Red 10ml (clot activator) - Hemogard™ £ 100/Pack
VS367691 Coagulation: Blue 4.5ml, Na Citrate - Hemogard™ £ 100/Pack
VS366666 ESR: Black 5ml, Na Citrate - Conventional £ 100/Pack
VS367956 Serum Separator: Gold 3.5ml Silica clot activator Gel £ 100/Pack
VS367954 Serum Separator: Gold 5ml Silica clot activator Gel £ 100/Pack
VS367958 Serum Separator: Gold 8.5ml Silica clot activator Gel £ 100/Pack
VS367838 K2EDTA: Lavender 3ml, Plastic - Hemogard™ £ 100/Pack
VS367839 K2EDTA: Lavender 4ml, Plastic - Hemogard™ £ 100/Pack
VS367873 K2EDTA: Lavender 6ml, Plastic - Hemogard™ £ 100/Pack
VS367525 K2EDTA: Lavender 10ml, Plastic - Hemogard™ £ 100/Pack
VS367836 K3EDTA: Lavender 2ml, Plastic - Hemogard™ £ 100/Pack
VS368860 K3EDTA: Lavender 4ml, Plastic - Hemogard™ £ 100/Pack
VS367941 K2EDTA: Pink 6ml, Cross match (Spray) £ 100/Pack
VS367883 Plasma Lithium Heparin: Green 4ml - Hemogard™ £ 100/Pack
VS367885 Plasma Lithium Heparin: Green 6ml - Hemogard™ £ 100/Pack
VS367526 Plasma Lithium Heparin: Green 10ml - Hemogard™ £ 100/Pack
VS367876 Plasma Sodium Heparin: Green 6ml - Hemogard™ £ 100/Pack
VS368480 Plasma Sodium Heparin: Green 10ml - Conventional £ 100/Pack
VS368920 Fluoride/Oxalate: Grey 2ml - Hemogard™ £ 100/Pack
VS368921 Fluoride/Oxalate: Grey 4ml - Hemogard™ £ 100/Pack
VS368380 Trace Element Royal Blue 6ml - Hemogard™ £ 100/Pack


BD Vacutainer™ Stretch Tourniquet

  1. Single-Use perforated tourniquets on a roll
  2. Disposable strips avoid the hazards associated with cross-contamination
  3. Latex-free
VS367204 BD Vacutainer™ Stretch Tourniquet £ 25/Roll


BD Vacutainer™ Multi-Sampling Luer Adapter

For use with catheter, hypodermic needle or any female luer fitting.

VS367300 BD Vacutainer™ Multi-Sampling Luer Adapter £ 100/Box


BD Vacutainer™ One Use Holder

Single-Use holders for use with multi-sample needles.

VS364815 BD Vacutainer™ One Use Holder £ 250/Pack


BD Eclipse™ with SmartSlip™ Technology

  1. Designed to ensure protection from needlestick injuries after injection
  2. Unique SmartSlip technology helps to ensure a secure connection to Luer slip syringes
  3. Bevel oriented to safety cover accommodates low angle injections, requires minimal change in injection technique
  4. The hub incorporates a plastic clip to encourage user to attach needle more securely to Luer slip syringe
  5. Wide textured finger pad provides safe activation area for thumb or forefinger
  6. Integral safety cover and extended sidewall to enhance protection
  7. Needle remains locked inside activated needle cover
  8. Activates with a touch of a finger, no hard surface required for activation
  9. Colour coded hub for easy needle size identification
BD305899 BD Eclipse™ SmartSlip™ Yellow 20G x 1" - 0.9mm x 25mm £ 100/Box
BD305888 BD Eclipse™ SmartSlip™ Yellow 20G x 1.5" - 0.9mm x 40mm £ 100/Box
BD305894 BD Eclipse™ SmartSlip™ Green 21G x 1" - 0.8mm x 25mm £ 100/Box
BD305895 BD Eclipse™ SmartSlip™ Green 21G x 1.5" - 0.8mm x 40mm £ 100/Box
BD305892 BD Eclipse™ SmartSlip™ Blue 23G x 1" - 0.6mm x 25mm £ 100/Box
BD305886 BD Eclipse™ SmartSlip™ Blue 23G x 1.25" - 0.6mm x 30mm £ 100/Box
BD305891 BD Eclipse™ SmartSlip™ Orange 25G x 1" - 0.5mm x 25mm £ 100/Box
BD305771 BD Eclipse™ SmartSlip™ Yellow 30G x 0.5" - 0.3mm x 13mm £ 100/Box


BD Eclipse Safety Needles

  1. Built-in safety shield is aligned with the bevel of the needle
  2. The safety shield permanently locks into place, significantly reducing the risk of needlestick injuries
VS368609 BD Eclipse Safety Needles - Green 21G x 1¼" (32 mm) Needle £ 48/Box
VS368610 BD Eclipse Safety Needles - Black 22G x 1¼" (32 mm) Needle £ 48/Box


BD Vacutainer™ Flashback Needles

BD Vacutainer™ Flashback blood collection needles.

VS301746 Flashback Needles - 21G x 1″ Green £ 50/Box
VS301747 Flashback Needles - 22G x 1″ Black £ 50/Box


BD Vacutainer™ Precision Glide™ Needles

BD Vacutainer™ Precision Glide™ multiple sample needles.

VS360211 Precision Glide™ Needles - 22G x 1½″ Black £ 50/Box
VS360212 Precision Glide™ Needles - 21G x 1″ Green £ 50/Box
VS360213 Precision Glide™ Needles - 21G x 1½″ Green £ 50/Box
VS360215 Precision Glide™ Needles - 20G x 1½″ Yellow £ 50/Box


BD Safety-Lok Blood Collection Sets

  1. Sterile closed systems for drawing blood from difficult veins
  2. Itegrated protective shield
  3. Permanently locks over the needle after venepuncture
Code Needle Colour Tubing Price Quantity
VS367282 21G x ¾" Green 7" £ 50/Box
VS367284 23G x ¾" Blue 7" £ 50/Box
VS367286 21G x ¾" Green 12" £ 50/Box
VS367288 23G x ¾" Blue 12" £ 50/Box
VS367295 25G x ¾" Dark Blue 7" £ 50/Box


BD Vacutainer® Safety-Lok™ Blood Collection Set with Pre-Attached Holder

Single-handed safety activation with irreversible locking mechanism, confirmed with an audible click.

Code Needle Colour Tubing Price Quantity
VS368654 21G x 19mm Green 7" £ 25/Box


BD Vacutainer® Push Button Blood Collection Set with Pre-Attached Holder

  1. Provides split-second protection against needlestick injuries
  2. In-vein activation irreversibly retracts the needle in a split second, locking it safely out of harms way
  3. Intuitive design makes blood collection safer without compromising patient care
Code Needle Colour Tubing Price Quantity
VS367354 23G x 19mm Light Blue 7" £ 20/Box
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