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E-Phos™ Toilet Cleaner

  1. Quick & efficient cleaning action
  2. Kills a range of bacteria, Passes BS EN 1276
  3. Angled neck bottle for cleaning under the toilet rim
  4. Suitable for use on both porcelain & stainless steel
  5. Long lasting deodorising perfume, leaves a clean, fresh fragrance
  6. Clings to vertical surfaces, allowing longer contact for better cleaning
A088C E-Phos™ Toilet Cleaner 1 Litre £


Everfresh™ Apple Toilet Cleaner

  1. Highly perfumed to freshen the wash room
  2. Angled neck bottle for cleaning under the toilet rim
  3. Will remove dirt & kill bacteria in one operation
  4. Neutral pH. Suitable for use on a variety of hard surfaces
  5. Clings to vertical surfaces, allowing a longer contact for better cleaning
A103C Everfresh™ Apple Toilet Cleaner 1 Litre £


T.T.C.™ Toilet Cleaner & Descaler

  1. Suitable for use in soft & hard water areas
  2. Pleasantly perfumed to help deodorise the wash room
  3. Angled neck bottles for cleaning under the toilet rim
  4. Quick acting acid cleaner which contains corrosion inhibitors
  5. Clings to vertical surfaces allowing a longer contact for better cleaning
A105C T.T.C.™ Toilet Cleaner & Descaler 1 Litre £


Sanicare Hygienic Cistern Blocks

Sanicare hygienic cistern blocks clean, foam, and freshen the bowl with every flush. The blocks sanitise and colour the water whilst helping to reduce limescale build up.

  1. Long lasting, fights odours and dirt around the clock
  2. Safe with any cleaner or bleaches used in the bowl
  3. Harmless with all types of plumbing and septic tanks
  4. Biodegradable and safe for the environment
  5. Pacific breeze fragrance
A0061 Sanicare Hygienic Cistern Blocks £ 2 x 50g
Wash Room CleanersBack to Top▲


Clean Fast Wash Room Cleaner

  1. Tangerine perfumed
  2. Kills bacteria, passes EN 1276
  3. Ideal for washbasins, baths, showers, tiles, toilets & floors
  4. Foaming multi-surface cleaner; removes body fat & limescale
A010A Clean Fast Wash Room Cleaner 750ml £


Final Touch Wash Room Sanitiser

  1. Cleans and leaves a long lasting fragrance
  2. Kills a range of bacteria, including MRSA. EN 1276
  3. Passes EN14476 against PORCINE INFLUENZA VIRUS H1N1
  4. Ideal for washbasins, baths, tiles, toilets and floors
A060A Final Touch Wash Room Sanitiser 750ml £


Evans Cream Cleanser

  1. Versatile, quick acting multi-purpose cream cleanser
  2. Suitable to clean a variety of hard surfaces including stainless steel, chromium, tiles and enamelled and ceramic surfaces
  3. Easy to handle bottle with a flip up top
  4. Removes stubborn dirt and grime
  5. Pleasant lemon perfume
A2151 Evans Cream Cleanser 500ml £
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Mystrol™ Multi-Purpose Cleaner

  1. Contains refreshing lemon perfume
  2. Suitable for all washable surfaces
  3. Heavy duty cleaner & degreaser
  4. Easily Removes stubborn dirt, grease & nicotine stains
A037A Mystrol™ Multi-Purpose Cleaner 750ml £


Protect™ Disinfectant Cleaner

  1. Helps control cross infection
  2. Passes British & European test method BS EN1276
  3. Extensively researched disinfectant & multi-surface cleaner
  4. Suitable on all washable surfaces. Leaves a clean fresh fragrance
  5. Kills a wide range of bacteria, viruses and fungi including M.R.S.A & Shigella sonnei, the causative organism of Dysentery
A147A Protect™ Disinfectant Cleaner 750ml £


Evans E-Pine Pine Disinfectant

  1. Safe to use on hard surfaces
  2. Provides the clean fresh smell of pine
  3. Based on quaternary ammonium compounds
  4. Kills bacteria to help prevent the spread of infection
A008E Evans E-Pine Pine Disinfectant 5 Litre £


Evans Lemon Gel 5 Litre

  1. Neutral pH
  2. Ideal for damp mopping
  3. Cleans & deodorises in one operation
  4. Leaves a pleasing distinctive citrus aroma
  5. Buffs to a high gloss, slip retardant finish
  6. Very effective in a spray clean maintenance system
A013E Evans Lemon Gel 5 Litre £
Kitchen CleanersBack to Top▲


Est-eem™ Cleaner Sanitiser

  1. Passes BS EN 1276
  2. Unperfumed & non-tainting
  3. Ideal in kitchens & the food industry
  4. Kills bacteria & removes soiling from work surfaces, walls & equipment
A148A Est-eem™ Cleaner Sanitiser 750ml £


Lift™ Kitchen Cleaner/Degreaser

  1. Unperfumed & undyed
  2. Ideal in kitchens and food outlets
  3. Powerful multi-surface cleaner & degreaser
  4. Cuts through grease and removes ingrained soiling from a variety of surfaces including plastic, stainless steel, paintwork, laminate & ceramic tiles
A129A Lift™ Kitchen Cleaner/Degreaser 750ml £


Q'Sol™ Superior Washing Up Liquid

  1. Ideal for use in hard or soft water areas
  2. Concentrated, very cost effective superior washing up liquid
  3. High foam, effective grease removal for crockery & general cleaning
  4. Also suitable for washing floors, walls, hard surfaces & vehicles
A002C Q'Sol™ Washing up liquid - 1 Litre £
A002E Q'Sol™ Washing up liquid - 5 Litre £

Air Freshener

Glade® 5 in 1 Aerosol Air Fresheners (300ml)

Glade® 5 in 1 Aerosol Air Fresheners (300ml)

Glade® Aerosols eliminate odour and freshen the air, making the room uniquely inviting for all. Each is infused with essential oil extracts and comes in a variety of fragrances.

    The fast-acting aerosol has 5 benefits:

  1. Eliminates odours
  2. Freshens the air
  3. Acts in seconds
  4. Quality fragrance
  5. Long lasting fragrance
A3474 Glade® Air Freshener (300ml) - Clean Linen £ Each
A0020 Glade® Air Freshener (300ml) - Vanilla £ Each
A3475 Glade® Air Freshener (300ml) - Relaxing Zen £ Each


Evans Fresh Air Freshener

  1. Long lasting Wild Berry fragrance
  2. Overcomes & neutralises tobacco & cooking aromas
  3. Will freshen the atmosphere & quickly dispel unpleasant odours
A075A Evans Fresh Air Freshener 750ml £



Pledge Furniture Polish

  1. Provides your furniture with superior care and protection from everyday wear and tear
  2. Removes finger marks, smudges, surface dust and dirt
  3. Eliminates vigorous polishing whilst giving a brilliant, protective and long-lasting shine
A6450 Pledge Polish 400ml £ Each


Staples Furniture Polish

This aerosol polish is CFC free and low in wax. It is one of the most widely used polishes in the trade. Contains silicones for high gloss and protection. For use on wood, plastic and ceramics.

A919 Staples Furniture Polish £ Each


Evans L.S.P. Multi Surface Polish

  1. Produces a deep long lasting shine
  2. Leaves a fresh and pleasant fragrance
  3. High quality liquid for use on a variety of surfaces
  4. Possesses anti-static properties, ideal for computer areas
A043A Evans L.S.P. Multi Surface Polish 750ml £
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Evans Cyclone Extra Thick Bleach

  1. Ideal for soaking cloths and mops
  2. Cleans and disinfects in one operation
  3. Contains a perfume to help overcome odours
  4. Kills a range of bacteria, fungi and viruses
  5. Extremely versatile general purpose disinfectant cleaner
  6. Thickened liquid increases the contact time for better cleaning & disinfecting
A154E Evans Cyclone 5 Litre Bleach £
A154A Evans Cyclone 750ml Bleach £


Yellow Dusters

  1. High quality yellow dusters
  2. Size 50cm x 50cm
A615 Yellow Dusters £ 10/Pack


White Heavy Weight Cleaning Cloths

Heavy duty general purpose disposable cleaning cloths in a dispensing packet.

  1. Strong
  2. Absorbent
  3. Food Safe
  4. Dispensing Pack
  5. Cloth Size: 40cm x 35cm
A7271W White Heavy Weight Cleaning Cloths £ 25/Pack


Premier® Cleaning Cloths

Disposable general purpose cleaning cloths, durable when wet or dry, featuring high levels of absorbency and a cost effective price they are ideal for most commercial and healthcare cleaning applications.

Colour coded to prevent the spread of infection and to help you comply with recommendations from both the NHS National Patient Safety Agency and The British Institute of Cleaning Science.

Suitable for use on a wide range of surfaces and equipment common in healthcare, commercial and professional cleaning, the textured surface helps easily remove dirt and stubborn marks, while being kind to hard surfaces. The high level of grip on the cloth surface helps retain dirt and grease.

The polyester and viscose blend gives superior absorbency of water, detergents and disinfectants to non-blended cloths. Tested as Food Safe, no chemicals or dyes will leech from the cloth onto food preparation surfaces.

  1. Size: 50cm x 36cm
  2. Weight: 35gsm
  3. Latex Free: Ideal for use in latex free organisations or by latex sensitised individuals
  4. Ideal for use in Janitorial, Catering, Food Service, Health Care Cleaning and General Hygiene applications
  5. 4 Colours available to eliminate cross-contamination by allocating one colour to one specific area
A8076 Premier® Cleaning Cloths: Blue £ 50/Pack Out of stock
A8077 Premier® Heavy Duty Cleaning Cloths: Red - 40 x 35 x70cm £ 25/Pack
A8078 Premier® Cleaning Cloths: Green £ 50/Pack Out of stock
A8079 Premier® Cleaning Cloths: Yellow £ 50/Pack Out of stock
A108B Super-K Cleaning Cloths: Blue £ 50/Pack
A108R Super-K Cleaning Cloths: Red £ 50/Pack
A108G Super-K Cleaning Cloths: Green £ 50/Pack
A108Y Super-K Cleaning Cloths: Yellow £ 50/Pack


ResourceRag Wipes

Specifically developed to be a viable alternative to white wiping rags, the ResourceRag is clean, fresh and made to a monster size, giving the user a 'real handful' for any wiping application.
ResourceRag is chemical free and strong wet or dry. ResourceRag has the edge in performance and cost when compared to traditional wiping rags.

  1. Consistent quality & size
  2. Multiple applications
  3. Chemical free & absorbent
  4. Strong wet or dry
  5. Good bulk and low lint
  6. Will absorb up to 6 times its own weight
  7. Side dispensing box makes the wipes more accessible and ready to use
  8. GSM (Grams per Square Metre): 74
  9. Sheet size: 38cm x 47cm
    Suitable for:
  1. Engineering
  2. Printing
  3. Automotive
  4. Glazing & Sealants
  5. Marine
  6. Oil & Gas
  7. Aviation & Aerospace
  8. Transport
NW690RAG ResourceRag Wipes £ 100/Box


Sponge Backed Scourer

  1. Industrial abrasive sponge backed scourer
  2. Size 15cm x 9cm, can easily be cut in two for general use
  3. Sold individually
A0174 Sponge Backed Scourer £ Each


Household / Washing-Up Gloves

  1. Quality household gloves
  2. Soft & durable, easy on and off
  3. Safe, non-slip grip, shaped for comfort
  4. Cotton flock lined - helps increase the comfort of the gloves when worn for longer periods of time and reduces perspiration
HG90SM Washing-Up Gloves - Small £ Pair
HG90MD Washing-Up Gloves - Medium £ Pair
HG90LG Washing-Up Gloves - Large £ Pair


Spot Light™ Spot & Stain Remover

  1. Contains a pleasant residual perfume
  2. Highly efficient ready to use formulation
  3. Produces an absorbent foam to emulsify soil
  4. Removes difficult stains from colour-fast carpets & soft furnishings
A034A Spot Light™ Spot & Stain Remover 750ml £


Evans Clear Window & Glass Cleaner

  1. Cleans quickly and effectively
  2. Provides sparkling, streak free results
  3. Especially effective in removing finger marks in lifts & surrounds
A096A Evans Clear Window & Glass Cleaner 750ml £


Selkil Fly Spray

  1. For the control of flying insects including flies, wasps, mosquitoes and other small flying insects in public hygiene situations
  2. Contains a pleasant citrus perfume
  3. Effectively kills most flying insects once sprayed with the insecticide
A503 Selkil 400ml Aerosol £
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Black Refuse Sacks

Range of black refuse sacks for use with non-hazardous general waste.

  1. Standard size: 18" x 29" x 39"
  2. Wheelie size: 28" x 46" x 53"
WB05 Black Refuse Sacks - Medium Duty £ 100/Pack
WB10 Black Refuse Sacks - Heavy Duty £ 100/Pack
WB11 Black Refuse Sacks - Light Duty £ 25/Roll
WB08 Wheelie Bin Liners £ 5/Roll


White Bin Liners

White bin liners for use with non-hazardous general waste.

  1. Sizes are Width x Depth x Height
WB20 Swing Bin Liners 13" x 23" x 30" £ 500/Pack
WB25 Swing Bin Liners 13" x 23" x 30" £ 40/Roll
WB40 Pedal Bin Liners 11" x 18" x 18" £ 500/Pack
WB45 Pedal Bin Liners 11" x 18" x 18" £ 80/Roll
WB30 Square Bin Liners 15" x 24" x 24" £ 500/Pack


Yellow Clinical Waste Sacks

  1. Yellow clinical waste sacks for incineration only
  2. Printed according to all UN requirements
  3. All sacks are star sealed for extra strength
  4. Sizes are Width x Depth x Height
WB55 Medium Duty Yellow Sacks 5kg - 15" x 28" x 39" £ 100/Pack
WB56 Heavy Duty Yellow Sacks 5kg - 11" x 17" x 26" £ 100/Pack
WB57 Heavy Duty Yellow Sacks 5kg - 15" x 28" x 39" £ 50/Pack


Orange Clinical Waste Sacks

  1. Orange clinical waste sacks for incineration only
  2. Printed according to all UN requirements
  3. All sacks are star sealed for extra strength
  4. Sizes are Width x Depth x Height
WB61 Medium Duty Orange Sacks 5kg - 15" x 28" x 39" £ 100/Pack
WB62 Heavy Duty Orange Sacks 10kg - 15" x 28" x 39" £ 50/Pack
WB63 Heavy Duty Orange Sacks 5kg - 11" x 17" x 26" £ 100/Pack


Yellow Waste Disposal Bags

Comes with a full width adhesive strip, which allows patients and staff to easily attach the bag to lockers or trolleys and acts as an effective seal prior to disposal of the bag.

WB66 Yellow Waste Disposal Bags - 10.5" x 18" £ 200/Pack


Laundry Bags

  1. A hygienic way of isolating and transporting soiled linen
  2. The soluble seal strip dissolves in hot or cold water and releases contents for cleaning
  3. At the end of the washing cycle, remove polythene bag and dispose of
WB700 Laundry Bags 18" x 28" x 30" £ 50/Pack


Grip Seal Bags

Clear polythene grip seal bags, available in 3 sizes.

D781 Grip Seal Bags - Width 4" x Length 5½" £ 100/Pack
D782 Grip Seal Bags - Width 6" x Length 9" £ 100/Pack
D780 Grip Seal Bags - Width 9" x Length 12¾" £ 100/Pack


Pop-ins™ Sanitary Disposal Bags

Pop-Ins™ are the ideal way to dispose of used sanitary towels, tampons and panty liners. Convenient and hygienic, the bags are impregnated with a delicate floral fragrance that effectively masks any unpleasant odours and have a subtle lilac colouring to disguise the contents. Tie close handles ensure Pop-Ins™ are securely closed after use. The attractive dispensing pack, containing 50 bags, is suitable for use in the bathroom, bedroom or when travelling.

  1. Convenient and hygienic disposal of tampons and sanitary towels
  2. Delicate fragrance to mask any unpleasant odours
  3. Easy-tie handles to retain contents securely
  4. Discreet, compact and attractive, value for money pack
  5. Bag size - 16 x 17cm approx, excluding handles
WB80 Pop-ins™ Sanitary Bags £ 50/Box


Pretty Sanitary Towels

  1. Helps provide clean dry protection
  2. Regular secure shape
  3. Normal absorbency
  4. Length: 250mm
H314 Pretty Sanitary Towels £ 10/Pack
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White Plastic Rinse Cups (7oz)

  1. High quality disposable white plastic drinking and rinsing cups (7oz)
  2. Available as a case of 2000, or a strip of 100 to suit all requirements
HPD187 Rinse Cups - 100 Strip £
D187 Rinse Cups - 2000 Case £


White Paper Plates

  1. Semi-coated paper plates
  2. Plate diameter: 23cm
H171 White Semi-Coated Paper Plates £ 100/Pack


Aluminium Foil

  1. Catering size rolls of foil offering exceptional value for money
  2. 75 metres per roll
HF430 Aluminium Foil - Length 30cm (12") £ Per Roll
HF450 Aluminium Foil - Length 45cm (18") £ Per Roll


Cling Film

  1. Catering size rolls, 300 metres per roll
  2. Safe to use in fridges, freezers and microwaves
HC411 Cling Film - Length 30cm (12") £ Per Roll
HC412 Cling Film - Length 45cm (18") £ Per Roll


Tetley Tea Bags

  1. 440 Tea Bags Per Pack
  2. No V.A.T on this item
L35881 Tetley Tea Bags £ 440/Pack


Nestlé® Coffee

  1. Nescafé® Original and Nescafé® Gold Blend quality instant coffee granules
  2. No V.A.T. on these items
L35101 Nescafe® Original £ 750g
L35102 Nescafe® Gold Blend £ 500g
L35103 Nescafe® Gold Blend £ 750g


Nestlé® Coffee-mate®

Coffee-mate® Original flavour coffee creamer is the classic way to create a deliciously creamy cup of coffee. Stir in Coffee-mate® powdered creamer for a consistently creamy coffee with a rich, velvety, creamy taste every time - morning, noon or night.

  1. No V.A.T. on this item


Glucose Syrup, Palm Oil, Milk Proteins, Stabilisers (E331, E452), Acidity Regulator (E340), Emulsifiers (E471, E472e), Anti-caking Agent (E551), Colour: Riboflavin.
NWT1417 Nestlé® Coffee-mate® Original £ 2.5kg
StationeryBack to Top▲


A4 White Paper

  1. A4 White 80g.m-2 office paper
  2. 500 sheets per ream
L0316 A4 White Paper £ 1 Ream


Ruled Memo Pads and Notebooks

A4 White Ruled Headbound Memo Pad.

8" x 5" White Ruled Spiral-Bound Shorthand Notebook.

  1. 80 Sheets/Pad
L7587 A4 Memo Pad £ 10/Pack
L7595 8" x 5" Notebook £ 10/Pack



High quality white self seal envelopes.

    Envelope sizes:
  1. DL: 110mm x 220mm
  2. C5: 229mm x 162mm
  3. C4: 324mm x 229mm
L90024 DL Plain Envelope £ 1000/Box
L90025 DL With Envelope £ 1000/Box
L90016 C5 Plain Envelope £ 500/Box
L90017 C5 With Envelope £ 500/Box
L90014 C4 Plain Envelope £ 250/Box
L90027 C4 With Envelope £ 250/Box


Staedtler® Ballpoint Pens

Staedtler ballpoint pens in a choice of colours.

L01835 Staedtler® Ballpoint Pen - Black £ 10/Pack
L01836 Staedtler® Ballpoint Pen - Blue £ 10/Pack
L01837 Staedtler® Ballpoint Pen - Red £ 10/Pack


Marker Pens

Permanent black marker pens.

L6077 Marker Pen £ 12/Box


Stabilo® High Lighter Pens

An assortment of coloured high-lighter pens.

Blue, Green, Pink, Red, Orange and Yellow.

L0240 Stabilo® High Lighter Pens £ 6/Pack


Lever Arch File

Foolscap Lever Arch File

L2974 Lever Arch File £ Each


RFID-Blocking Sleeves

Identity theft isn't just an online threat nowadays, there are devices & mobile apps available that can read/copy/clone any item which contains a 'smart chip' such as a contactless credit/debit card, biometric passports, citizen cards, patient cards, oyster cards and even your driver's license as well as many other types of contactless smart cards.

RFID-Blocking Sleeves are an easy and inexpensive way of preventing theft of data from any device containing a 'smart chip' it works by providing a shield which prevents an RFID reader retrieving information from the 'smart chip' on your contactless card.

So if your credit/debit card has this symbol then you should protect it, you never know if someone standing close by has a RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) reader in their pocket or an app on their phone, the signal can be transmitted up to 1.6 feet away.

RFID01 RFID-Blocking Credit Card Sleeve (Individual) £ Each
RFID05 RFID-Blocking Credit Card Sleeves £ 10/Pack
RFID20 RFID-Blocking Passport Sleeve (Individual) £ Each
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