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Special Offers

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September's Special Offer - 10% Off Protective Consumables


Blue Hygiene Rolls

  1. 10″ (25cm) Medical-grade High-Quality Hygiene Rolls
  2. Manufactured in the UK in accordance with CHSA guidelines
  3. Each roll individually plastic wrapped for increased hygiene
  4. Perforated sheets: size 40cm
  5. 2 ply: 125 sheets per roll - 40 Metres
P420 Economy Blue Hygiene Rolls - 125 Sheets per Roll (50 Metres)
Clearance Stock
£ 18/Case


AriPro® Hydrating Barrier Mousse

AriPro® is a triple action mousse formulation that:

  1. Strengthens the skin's natural protective barrier
  2. Rehydrates dry skin
  3. Guards against external irritants

The unique mousse formulation restores the lipid membrane, thereby decreasing transepidermal water loss (TEWL), and functions as a protectant to reduce the penetration of irritants. AriPro® contributes to a well balanced combination of lipophilic and hydrophilic fatty acids in the skin.

The key benefits of AriPro® are:

  1. Simple and hygenic application
  2. Non-greasy
  3. Rapidly absorbed
  4. Prevents skin irritation
  5. Gentle on delicate skin, including that of the elderly
ARI250 AriPro® Hydrating Barrier Mousse £12.75 £ 250ml Canister


Queen Charlotte Face Masks

  1. Lightweight, economical and efficient general purpose face mask, made from soft 2 ply paper
  2. Light and comfortable
  3. Elasticated ear loops
  4. Helps protect against cross infection between patient and wearer
DM100 Queen Charlotte Face Masks £3.10 £ 100/Box
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