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Crest Medical


Deluxe Eye Wash Station Kit

The deluxe eyewash station kit is made of durable polypropylene with strong safety clips and integrated handle for carrying, packing ensures product is kept secure. Also supplied with a strong bracket for wall mounting. Fast and effective treatment for minor eye injuries in the workplace or home, meeting the guidelines given by the Health & Safety Executive.

Dimensions: Height: 27cm, Width 19cm, Depth 10cm

  1. 2 x 500ml Saline Eye Wash Bottles
  2. 2 x No.16 Eye Pad Dressings with Bandage
F955 Eye Wash Station Kit £
Crest Medical Sterile Saline Pods

Crest Medical Sterile Saline Pods

Sterile, Single use emergency eye wash solution for ocular, topical irrigation and wound cleansing. Ready to use, twist off top for ease of use.
Solution: Sodium Chloride Ph.Eur 0.9% w/v

  1. Twist Off Cap
  2. 25 x 20ml Eye Wash Pods
  3. Eye wash/Ocular & Topical Irrigation
  4. Also Suitable For Wound Irrigation/Cleansing
F7912 Crest Medical Sterile Saline Pods 20ml £ 25/Box



Blue Dot™ Hot/Cold Pack & Cover

Reusable hot/cold therapy pack to help soothe muscular discomfort and help to reduce swelling and bruising.
Dimensions: Length 26.5cm, Width 13cm

The hot pack will assist in increasing circulation, with temporary relief to muscle aches, back pain, sinusitis or menstrual cramps.
Microwave for approximately 30 seconds or immerse in boiling water for 4 -10 minutes.

The cold pack will assist in temporarily reducing swelling, toothache, headache and fever.
Store in the freezer, gel takes approximately 1 hour to freeze.

F711 Blue Dot™ Reusable Hot/Cold Pack £ Each
F712 Cover For Hot/Cold & Ice Packs £ Each


Blue Dot Instant Ice Pack

The ideal, simple and quick alternative to a conventional ice pack. Provides on-the-spot cold therapy for bruising, sports sprains and muscle injuries. Easy to use - no need for precooling. Single use, disposable.

Dimensions: Length 18cm, Width 12cm

F713 Blue Dot Disposable Instant Ice Pack £ Each


Sempermed Syntegra IR Sterile Surgical Synthetic Gloves: Powder-Free

  1. Latex-Free, Synthetic Powder-Free surgical gloves
  2. Developed specifically for the requirements of the operating theatre, the fully anatomical shape with curved fingers corresponds with the natural, relaxed hand posture
  3. The micro-roughened surface offers optimum grip for perfect instrument handling, even in a wet environment
  4. Quick and easy to put on in every situation due to its elastic material, gives the same tactile sense as natural rubber latex
  5. Made with Polyisoprene
  6. Individually sterile pairs
GRT60 Sempermed Sterile Powder Free - Size 6 £ 40 Pairs/Box
GRT65 Sempermed Sterile Powder Free - Size 6.5 £ 50 Pairs/Box Out of stock
GR701 Sempermed Sterile Powder Free - Size 7 £ 50 Pairs/Box Out of stock
GRT75 Sempermed Sterile Powder Free - Size 7.5 £ 40 Pairs/Box Out of stock
GRT80 Sempermed Sterile Powder Free - Size 8 £ 40 Pairs/Box Out of stock


Blue Dot™ Pen Torch with Pupil Gauge

  1. Pinpoint hi-intensity disposable light which is especially designed for the medical profession
  2. Light is activated by simply pressing the clip
  3. Manufactured with 2 AAA batteries for many weeks of daily use
  4. Easy to read 2mm - 9mm pupil gauge for fast reference
IN30P Blue Dot™ Pen Torch with Pupil Gauge £ Each
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