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Heine Unispec Disposable Proctoscope Tubes

  1. Disposable single-use : No cleaning or sterilisation required - economical usage
  2. Greatly reduces the risk of cross-infection
  3. Moulded in patient-friendly thermoplastic
  4. Excellent light transmission through tube wall
  5. Removable Obturator for easy insertion
  6. Graduated in cm for indication of insertion length
E-03.19.811 Proctoscope: 13cm x 2cm diameter £ 25/Box

Foot Skeleton Model

Flexibly mounted foot skeleton with portions of Tibia and Fibula

A311 Foot Skeleton Model £ Each

Mandrels & Discs

Paper discs for use in wet or dry situations, manufactured to the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 13485, compatible with Mandrel Type A (Pin-hole).

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SUN041 Mandrel For Type A (Pin-hole) Abrasive Discs £ Each
CLSUN030 Kemdent Type B (Snap-On) Abrasive Discs
22mm (7/8") Extra-Corse
£ 50/Box

Esense™ Hand Rub

  1. Technologically advanced, alcohol-free hand rub which is proven effective against common micro-organisms within 30 seconds
  2. Alcohol Free, Complies with EN1500
  3. Contains moisturisers leaving hands feeling soft and conditioned
H0006 Esense™ Hand Rub - 500ml Pump Bottle £ Each


Shield® Disposable Polythene Gloves

  1. Minimal risk areas only
  2. Ideal for short-term use
  3. Industrial grade Category 1 PPE Directive 89/686/EEC
  4. Loose Fitting
GP52SM Shield® Disposable Polythene Gloves - Small £ 500/Pack


Perfection Plus Throat Pack

A 100% pure cotton product used to prevent foreign bodies from entering the throat during procedures. Length: 10 metres.

PP002 Perfection Plus Throat Pack £ 10 Metre Roll


Tubegauz™ Plain Cotton Stockinette BP

  1. Hold dressings securely in place, protects clothing from ointments and creams
  2. Made from 100% bleached cotton and is recommended for use where natural fibres are preferred
  3. Quick and easy to apply, with or without applicator
  4. Cost-effective option for dressing retention and dermatological covering
  5. 20 Metre roll
M2427 Tubegauz™ Size 56 - Adult Limbs £ Each


Premier Protector Vinyl Pre-Powdered Gloves

  1. Latex-Free vinyl gloves: Lightly pre-powdered
  2. Excellent latex alternative
  3. Sensitive
  4. Seamless and comfortable to wear
CLGL06LG Vinyl Pre-Powdered Gloves - Large £ 100/Box


Silonda® Sensitive Skin Care Lotion

Silonda® sensitive is a light lotion formulation recommended for frequent use throughout the day. Silonda® sensitive is highly recommended for people with sensitive skin.
Water based, non-greasy moisturising lotion for use on hands (ideal after using Spirigel® Alcohol Hand Gel)

  1. High quality moisturising lotion for hands and skin
  2. Skin protection with beeswax
  3. Non-greasy water-based lotion
  4. Enriched with natural beeswax
  5. Fast absorbing with no residues
  6. Perfume free
H9790 Silonda® Sensitive Skin Care Lotion £ 60ml Bottle


Skintact Perforated Film Absorbent Dressing

  1. Low-adherent film on both sides of the dressing
  2. Perforated film is designed to minimise dressing adhesion and allow exudate to drain away from wound surface
  3. Sterile, individually packed

Expiry Date: 06-03-19

M7900 Skintact Dressing - 5cm x 5cm £ 100/Box


Tork Xpress™ Multi-fold Hand Towels

For environments that demand both comfort and hygiene, such as offices and healthcare facilities

  1. One towel at-a-time: reduced consumption and increased hygiene
  2. Good basic functional properties
  3. An economic value-for-money option
P5234 Tork Xpress™ 1 Ply Blue Multi-fold Hand Towels £ 12 x 250 Bundle/Case (3000)


Blue Hygiene Rolls

  1. 10″ (25cm) Medical-grade High-Quality Hygiene Rolls
  2. Manufactured in the UK in accordance with CHSA guidelines
  3. Each roll individually plastic wrapped for increased hygiene
  4. Perforated sheets: size 40cm
  5. 2 ply: 125 sheets per roll - 40 Metres
P420 Economy Blue Hygiene Rolls - 125 Sheets per Roll (50 Metres)
Clearance Stock
£ 18/Case
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