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Heine Unispec Disposable Proctoscope Tubes

  1. Disposable single-use : No cleaning or sterilisation required - economical usage
  2. Greatly reduces the risk of cross-infection
  3. Moulded in patient-friendly thermoplastic
  4. Excellent light transmission through tube wall
  5. Removable Obturator for easy insertion
  6. Graduated in cm for indication of insertion length
E-03.19.811 Proctoscope: 13cm x 2cm diameter £ 25/Box

Mandrels Type A

Paper discs for use in wet or dry situations, manufactured to the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 13485, compatible with Mandrel Type A (Pin-hole).

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SUN041 Mandrel For Type A (Pin-hole) Abrasive Discs £ Each


Tubegauz™ Plain Cotton Stockinette BP

  1. Hold dressings securely in place, protects clothing from ointments and creams
  2. Made from 100% bleached cotton and is recommended for use where natural fibres are preferred
  3. Quick and easy to apply, with or without applicator
  4. Cost-effective option for dressing retention and dermatological covering
  5. 20 Metre roll
M2427 Tubegauz™ Size 56 - Adult Limbs £ Each


Tork Xpress™ Multi-fold Hand Towels

For environments that demand both comfort and hygiene, such as offices and healthcare facilities

  1. One towel at-a-time: reduced consumption and increased hygiene
  2. Good basic functional properties
  3. An economic value-for-money option
P5234 Tork Xpress™ 1 Ply Blue Multi-fold Hand Towels £ 12 x 250 Bundle/Case (3000)


Hudson RCI 1059 Adult Non-Rebreathing Mask with Safety Vent 2.1 Metre Tubing

The Hudson non-rebreathing mask is a clear, soft vinyl mask for patient comfort and visual patient assessment with a low-resistance check valves to prevent rebreathing and allow exhaled gas to escape.

  1. Safety vent allows for entrainment of room air
  2. Adjustable nose clip assures comfortable fit
  3. 750-mL reservoir bag
  4. Complete with 7-ft oxygen supply tubing
HU1059 Hudson RCI 1059 Adult Non-Rebreathing Mask £


Nestlé® Coffee

Nescafé® Original instant coffee granules.

  1. The new hinged lid uses Click-to-Close technology, always ready to seal in the flavour of the coffee
  2. Freeze-dried to maintain the maximum flavour
  3. 750g makes approx 416 cups
  4. Ideal for catering and office kitchens
  5. No V.A.T. on this items
L35101 Nescafe® Original 750g £


BD Micro-Fine™ Insulin Syringe With Needle

  1. Sterile individually blister packed hypodermic syringes with needle
  2. A comfortable and convenient method of injecting insulin
  3. One unit increment allowing accurate dosing

Please Note: The outer box is damaged

M4869CL BD Micro-Fine™ - 0.5ml Syringe with 30g x 8mm Needle £ 100/Box


Orchard Fresh 5 Litre Hand Soap

  1. Mild & gentle to skin
  2. Rich creamy lather with a thorough cleansing action
  3. Has a refreshing fragrance, suitable for hands, body and hair
H050 Orchard Fresh Hand Soap £ 5 Litre
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