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OMRON M3-IT Blood Pressure Monitor

The OMRON M3-IT delivers the accuracy and reliability that you expect from OMRON blood pressure monitors, with additional advanced features to give you confidence in the quality and consistency of the results. The M3-IT is supplied with an Easy Cuff (22-42 cm), meaning it fits most adult arm sizes right out of the box.

The OMRON M3-IT is also designed to give you a reading that is easy to interpret. The Easy High Blood Pressure LED indicator signals if your blood pressure is higher than the normal range. LED cuff wrap indicator confirms that cuff is wrapped correctly on your arm: not too loose or too tight.

The OMRON M3-IT connects to Bi-LINK online health management platform. Upload your blood pressure data via USB (cable included) to track, analyze and understand your health condition.

  1. Fully automatic blood pressure device provides an easy way to check for hypertension
  2. Loaded with Intellisense™ features that ensures accuracy and comfort every time
  3. Cuff wrapping guide on LCD screen ensuring accurate results with irregular heart beat detection
  4. Large easy to read display and simple one button operation
  5. New Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with unique Intellisense technique
  6. Advanced averaging mode: 3 readings average value within 10 mins
  7. 2 User memory and memory capacity for readings per user, with date and time stamp
  8. Clinically validated (International Protocol)
Z7200 OMRON M3-IT Auto Blood Pressure Monitor £ Each
OMRON M3-IT - Instruction Manual
Instruction Manual (Included)


Omron M6 Blood Pressure Monitor

The M6 has a support system showing the user if body movement has disturbed the measurement and needs to be repeated. Supplied with medium adult cuff.

As irregular pulses (e.g. arrhythmic pulses) can disturb the measurement, this could cause false results. A unique algorithm detects the measurement quality and assures that only valid results are displayed. If there were irregular pulses detected, those are indicated.

  1. Fully automatic upper arm blood pressure monitor
  2. Memory capacity for 90 readings
  3. Body movement detection
  4. Clinically validated (International Protocol & BHS)
Z7211 Omron M6 Auto Blood Pressure Monitor £ Each
OMRON M6 - Product Information Sheet
Product Information Sheet
OMRON M6 - Instruction Manual
Instruction Manual (Included)


Omron Large Cuff

A right cuff fit is most essential for accurate measurement, always ensure that you are using the most suitable cuff size to fit your arm.

The Omron large cuff is compatible with the Omron M3-IT & M6 blood pressure monitors.
The M10-IT (below) includes a cuff which fits an arm circumference of up to 42cm

For arm circumference 32-42cm

Z7OMLC4 Omron Large Cuff (32 - 42cm) £ Each
OMRON Large Cuff - Instruction Manual
Instruction Manual (Included)


Omron M10-IT Blood Pressure Monitor

Easy tracking with this fully featured two user automatic blood pressure monitor with early morning hypertension detection feature. This fully automatic blood pressure device provides the most comprehensive way to check for hypertension.

Supplied with dual size comfort cuff for medium to large arms (22cm-42cm)

  1. With Innovative averaging mode for identification of early morning hypertension the biggest risk factor for stroke and heart attacks
  2. Comfort cuff enabling easy and comfortable measurement
  3. Irregular heart beat detection, large easy to read display and simple one button operation
  4. Memory capacity for 84 readings per user
  5. PC connectivity for full printout or to send to healthcare professional
  6. Clinically validated (International Protocol & BHS)
Z7080 Omron M10-IT Auto Blood Pressure Monitor £ Each
OMRON M10-IT - Product Information Sheet
Product Information Sheet
OMRON M10-IT - Instruction Manual
Instruction Manual (Included)



300mm Hg gauge, nylon cuff with artery label and gauge holder, latex inflation system, complete with leatherette zipper carrying case, operating instruction and stop pin.

Also bundled a Stainless Steel Dual Head Stethoscope, which can be used in conjunction with the Sphygmomanometer by placing under the Cuff.

I501 Sphygmomanometer £ Each



Single-head stethoscope is ideal for routine examinations and check-ups.

Dual-head stethoscope has easy swivel action to switch from diaphragm (for detecting heart sounds) to bell end (to detect deeper thoracic sounds).

IN110 Single Head Stethoscope £ Each
IN120 Duel Head Stethoscope £ Each
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