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Nebuliser Masks

  1. Mask with 22mm medication chamber and Star-Lumen drive line tubing (to ensure free air-flow even when tubing is kinked) with connectors
  2. Adult and child face mask sets for easy administration
  3. Delivers medication quickly and efficiently
M1493 Nebuliser Masks - Adult Size £
M1494 Nebuliser Masks - Child Size £
Cirrus™ 2 Nebuliser

Cirrus™ 2 Nebuliser

The Cirrus™ 2 Nebuliser incorporates a number of features, including a graduated drug cup which provides guidance on how much drug is in the nebuliser.
The cup has a quick-release fitting which enables the nebuliser to be attached, as well as detached, with a quarter turn.
This speeds up the refilling process and provides a more reliable seal between the cup and the nebuliser body.

The Cirrus™ 2 Nebuliser is designed to deliver drugs for tracheobronchial deposition.
At a driving gas flow of 8 L/min, the Mass Median Diameter (MMD) is 3.1 microns.

LI2004 Cirrus™ 2 Nebuliser £ Each


Nebuliser T-Piece And Mouth Piece Set

  1. Mask with 22mm medication chamber and Star-Lumen drive line tubing (to ensure free air flow even when tubing is kinked) with connectors
  2. Delivers medication quickly and efficiently
  3. Minimal facial intrusion
M1495 Nebuliser T-Piece And Mouth Piece Set £ Each


AirMed 1000 Nebuliser And Accessories

The AirMed 1000 is a low cost option for a powerful compact compressor, designed to efficiently deliver prescribed medication to the bronchial lung passages. The AirMed 1000 has been developed for the successful treatment of asthma, allergies and other respiratory conditions.

    Product Features & Benefits:
  1. Includes a 2 year guarantee
  2. Remains cool during constant use
  3. Compact and lightweight
  4. Reliable performance
  5. Easy carrying handle
  6. Comes complete with a starter pack
    Starter pack contents:
  1. 1x Adult face mask
  2. 1x Child face mask
  3. 1x Driveline
  4. 1x Mouthpiece
  5. 5x Filters

Technical Specifications:
Dimensions: 175 x 112 x 140mm
Weight: 1.38kg
Typical Dynamic Flow and Pressure: 4.8L/Min, 10-16psi - 70-110 kPa, 0.7-1.1 bar
Particle Size: MMAD 4 microns
Nebulisation Rate: >0.20ml/minute
Compliance: UK Mains Plug - Electrical Safety Class II Type BF. Continuous use

Please see page 5 of the AirMed 1000 Instruction Manual for details on how often to replace consumables

    Year Pack Contains:
  1. 4 x Medication Chambers
  2. 4 x Drivelines
  3. 4 x Face Masks
  4. 4 x Inlet Filters
  5. 1 x Mouthpiece
  6. 1 x Outlet Filters
IT3605900 AirMed 1000 Nebuliser £ Each
IT5542 Adult Year Pack £ Each
IT5543 Child Year Pack £ Each
AirMed 1000 Instruction Manual
AirMed 1000 Instruction Manual
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Oxygen Masks with tubing

  1. Oxygen masks with Star-Lumen tubing (to ensure free air-flow even when tubing is kinked) with connectors
  2. Provided with knitted, latex-free head strap, which maintains its width when stretched to reduce pressure on patients skin and reduce the risk on patients skin and reduce the risk of pressure sores
  3. Swivel connector allowing rotation to the required position
  4. Easy fit and good seal ensuring patient comfort with angled oxygen inlet which directs oxygen into the nostrils not upwards towards the eyes to reduce irritation
M1105 Oxygen Masks with tubing - Adult Size £
M1146 Oxygen Masks with tubing - Child Size £


Non-Rebreathing Masks

  1. Non-Rebreathing mask sets with Star-Lumen tubing (to ensure free air-flow even when tubing is kinked) with connectors
  2. Provides a high concentration of Oxygen and the reservoir bag allows for adequate Oxygen to be available to meet the unpredictable patient's breathing pattern and tidal volume
M0072 Non-Rebreathing Mask - Adult Size £ Each
M0080 Non-Rebreathing Mask - Child Size £ Each


Tracheostomy Mask

  1. Provided with a stud button non-latex strap with a 360° swivel connector for maximum patient comfort
  2. Connector is 22mm allowing for connection to corrugated tubing
M0091 Tracheostomy Mask £ Each
Intersurgical EcoLite™ Adult Tracheostomy Mask

Intersurgical EcoLite™ Adult Tracheostomy Mask

The Intersurgical EcoLite™ tracheostomy mask is high quality, lightweight mask with a quick-release elastic for ease of use.

Unlike traditional masks, the EcoLite™ contains no PVC which provides an option with a significantly lower impact on the environment for future generations.

The latest manufacturing technology has enabled the combination of two non-PVC materials in the same product, the polypropylene material forming the body of the EcoLite™ mask is clear, lightweight and rigid enough to maintain the masks shape, whilst the second softer TPE material is utilised in the seal, which is in contact with the patients face.

  1. The quick release elastic system ensures that the adult tracheostomy mask can be removed and refitted easily, simplifying hygiene procedures
  2. 60% lighter than a PVC mask, more comfortable for the patient
  3. 82% reduction in environmental impact
LI0050 Intersurgical EcoLite™ Adult Tracheostomy Mask £ Each



Oxygen Tubing

Oxygen tubing has funnel ends/female connectors and attaches easily to most fittings.
Oxygen tubing (UN805) is an anti-crush/kink resistant design to guard against an interruption in the flow of oxygen providing superior safety for the patient.

M0037 Star Lumen Tubing 2.1m £ Each
M0038 Bubble Tubing (Green) 30m £ Each


Suction Bubble Tubing

Non-sterile suction bubble tubing coil in dispensing box.

  1. Internal diameter: 7mm
  2. Length: 30m
  3. Non-conductive: Transparent
  4. Conductive: Transparent with Black Stripe
  5. Latex-free
  6. Bubble every 1 metre
M740 Non-Conductive Bubble Tubing - Ø 5mm £ 30m Coil
M760 Non-Conductive Bubble Tubing - Ø 7mm £ 30m Coil
M765 Conductive Bubble Tubing - Ø 7mm £ 30m Coil
Flexicare™ Adult Curved Nasal Cannula with Soft Tip Prongs & 2.1m Oxygen Tubing

Flexicare™ Adult Curved Nasal Cannula with Soft Tip Prongs & 2.1m Oxygen Tubing

Nasal Cannulae are used for their simplicity and patient compliance in delivering supplementary oxygen. There is increased therapy compliance with nasal cannulae as patients are able to speak, eat and drink.

Ambient air is entrained through the nostrils, with the FiO2 achieved being proportional to the flow rate of oxygen (1-6 l/min), the patient’s tidal volume, inspiratory flow rate, and the volume of the nasal pharynx.

At an oxygen flow rate of 2 l/min the oxygen concentration in the hypopharynx of a resting person is 25% - 30%. Nasal Cannulae prevent rebreathing and are comfortable for long periods.

Use of humidified oxygen is recommended to reduce discomfort and drying of the mucosal wall in the nasal cavities, particularly when using flows of greater than 4 l/min.

  1. Improved Patient Comfort - Soft-touch tubing over the ears and face increases patient comfort and improves patient experience
  2. Better Care with Reduced Costs - 35% of all pressure ulcers acquired in hospital from medical devices affect the ears. Flexicare’s Soft-touch tubing minimises stresses in this delicate area, reducing the potential for skin breakdown and associated costs
F032-10-101 Flexicare™ Adult Curved Nasal Cannula £ Each
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Clement Clark Disposable Spacers

DispozABLE Spacer has been designed to meet a specific market need. It is a low cost, fast response spacer for delivering medication promptly. It is designed to be used straight from the box without pre-washing in an emergency situation; ambulance or school.
DispozABLE Spacer is to be used as a single use spacer, intuitive design allows non-professionals to assemble it quickly.

  1. Simple to use
  2. Effective
  3. For use in an emergency situation; ambulance or school
  4. Easy to assemble
  5. No mask required
  6. Suitable for children and adults
M9550 Clement Clark Disposable Spacers £ 10/Box
Asthma Attack Facts Flyer
Asthma Attack Facts Flyer


Clement Clarke One-Way Valve Mouth Pieces

Expiratory One-Way valve mouth pieces prevent cross infection between patients as air can only move in one direction. Low resistance means readings are not affected.

M2060 One-Way Valve Mouth Pieces - Adult Size £ 50/Pack
M52060A One-Way Valve Mouth Pieces - Adult Size Bulk Pack £ 200/Box
M2120 Paediatric Adapters £ 20/Pack


Peak Flow Mouth Pieces

  1. Single-Use disposable mouth pieces
  2. Available in adult and child sizes
  3. Cost effective and easy to use
M991 Peak Flow Mouth Pieces - Adult Size £ 100/Pack
M5991A Peak Flow Mouth Pieces - Adult Size Bulk Pack £ 500/Box
M992 Peak Flow Mouth Pieces - Paediatric Size £ 100/Pack
M5992A Peak Flow Mouth Pieces - Paediatric Size Bulk Pack £ 50/Box


Inspiratory One-Way Mouthpieces

One Way valves help the prevention of cross infection when using an inspiratory meter & allows In-Check Dials to be used as a multi-patient device.

M2206 Inspiratory One-Way Mouthpieces £ 50/Pack


Vitalograph® SafeTway® Mouth Pieces

  1. For use with peak flow meters and spirometers for the effective control of cross infection risk
  2. A low cost alternative to BVF for expiratory testing
  3. One-way valve prevents inhalation
V20242A Vitalograph® SafeTway® Mouth Pieces £ 50/Pack
V20242 Vitalograph® SafeTway® Mouth Pieces £ 200/Box


Vitalograph® Mini SafeTway® Mouth Pieces

The Mini SafeTway® has a 22mm diameter mouth piece for paediatric use or for elderly test subjects who have difficulty fitting their mouth properly around the standard size.

  1. Suitable for use with peak flow meters and spirometers
  2. One-way valve prevents inhalation
  3. Protects from cross infection
V20980 Vitalograph® Mini SafeTway® Mouth Pieces £ 50/Box


Vitalograph® Peak Flow Meter

  1. Accurate, compact, lightweight and portable
  2. Robust and hard wearing
  3. Easily read scale markers
  4. Suitable for adults and children
  5. Suitable for multiple subject use with SafeTway mouth pieces
V43602 Vitalograph® Peak Flow Meter £ Each


Mini-Wright™ Peak Flow Meters

  1. For the measurement of peak expiratory flow in adults and children
  2. Includes a recording chart for patient use
  3. EN13826, ISO23747 Standard (EU) Scale
I8727 Mini-Wright™ Standard Scale Peak Flow Meters £
I4710 Mini-Wright™ Low Range Scale Peak Flow Meters £
I8720 Paediatric Adapter (for Standard Scale Peak Flow Meter) £
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Vitalograph® BVF (Bacterial Viral Filter)

  1. Bacterial and viral filter even sub micron size
  2. Nanofibre medium creating electrostatic filtering
  3. 99.99% cross-contamination efficiency
  4. Low expiratory flow impedance
  5. Tested and efficient at high flow rates
  6. Protects your test subject and your equipment
  7. When inspiratory and expiratory testing, the BVF should be used
  8. Fully disposable for complete hygiene
V28350 Vitalograph® BVF (Bacterial Viral Filter) £ 10/Pack


Vitalograph Disposable Nose Clips

Designed for comfortable fit and performance during spirometry testing, also completely disposable
International spirometry guidelines recommend the use of disposable Nose Clips during spirometry testing

V20303 Vitalograph Disposable Nose Clips £ 5/Pack


Vitalograph® Thermal Printer Paper

  1. Quality coated thermal paper from Vitalograph®
  2. The coating is optimised for clear print quality and trouble-free printer operation
V66149 Vitalograph® Thermal Printer Paper
For the new models Alpha, Compact & Base Station
£ 5/Box
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