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WOW WAX Depilatory Wax

A new range of fabulous and affordable professional quality depilatory waxes designed to remove unwanted hair from all parts of the body. Great for home or salon use, includes natural ingredients promoting antiviral, antibacterial and anti-fungal benefits.

B101 WOW Wax Vanilla Crème £ 425g/Tub
B102 WOW Wax Tea Tree Crème £ 425g/Tub
B103 WOW Wax Warm Honey Crème £ 425g/Tub


Wooden Waxing Spatulas

Flat wooden spatula with smooth safely rounded ends for wax application.

M975 Wooden Waxing Spatulas £ 100/Box


Mini Eyebrow Waxing Spatulas

High quality wooden spatula perfect for small, delicate areas such as the lip and brow. Ideal for professional salon use.

Approx Size: 89.5mm x 1.2mm

B6043 Mini Eyebrow Waxing Spatulas £ 200/Pack


Waxing Strips (Fabric and Paper)

Superior Waxing Strips for use with all professional waxing systems and will provide a professional finish to guarantee client satisfaction.

  1. High quality weaves ensuring minimum seepage
  2. Soft and flexible
  3. Great tensile strength
  4. Ideal for all depilatory waxes
  5. Perfect for professional use in the salon
B1180 Fabric Waxing Strips £ 100/Pack
B1181 Paper Waxing Strips £ 100/Pack
B1182 Pink Paper Waxing Strips £ 100/Pack


Professional Slanted Tweezers

  1. Delicate yet robust
  2. Crafted from the finest stainless steel
  3. Finely shaped with precise sharp edge
  4. Supplied with strong plastic tip cover for protection
J1400 Professional Slanted Tweezers £ Each


Disposable Hospital Razors

  1. Designed for pre-operative use, non-sterile
  2. Shaves hairs of any length
  3. Single edge blade
  4. Easy grip handles
M182H Disposable Hospital Razors £ 100/Box


Wilkinson Sword Disposable Hospital Razors

  1. Designed for pre-operative use, non-sterile
  2. Shaves hairs of any length
  3. Single edge blade
M1139A Wilkinson Sword Disposable Hospital Razors £ 100/Box


Non-Sterile Double Edged Disposable Razors

  1. Specifically designed for removal of body hair prior to patient surgery or monitoring
  2. Easily removable rigid plastic sheaths for safety when not in use
  3. The angle of the blades and combs are to aid removal of denser and longer body hair as opposed to facial hair
  4. Double edge blades
M200 Non-Sterile Double Edged Disposable Razors £ 10/Pack


Cosmetic Laser Depilation Gel

Specifically designed for use with IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Laser treatments and conductivity equipment.
Laser depilation gel eases the pain that patients experience during depilation and makes the device last longer by cooling the device head.

The combination of the vacuum technology used in production, the active substances in its content and its high viscosity, mean that the product does not damage the probe and it is not affected by the body salt during the use which ensures an easy application.

  1. Hypoallergenic
  2. Soluble in water and cleaned easily
  3. Does not irritate skin
  4. Does not contain oil and oily substances
  5. Does not contain formaldehyde or salt
  6. No toxic effects or odour
  7. Bacteriostatic
B1294 5 Litre Cubitainer + 1 x 250ml Empty Refill Bottle £
B1297 250ml Refill Bottle £
B1298 5 Litre Bottle £
TR021 Pump Dispenser - For use with 5 Litre Bottle £


Healthlife Soothing Gels

Aloe Vera Gel: Perfect for use on windburn, sunburn, chafing, shaving rash and after epilation treatments, including waxing, electrolysis and laser treatments. Aloe Vera gel absorbs easily into the skin, leaving it feeling cool and soothed.

Arnica Gel: Arnica is a traditional long standing herbal remedy, used for the symptomatic relief of muscular aches, pains and stiffness, sprains and bruising. With no chill or burn, Arnica Gel is ideal for both adults and children and can assist in easing general aches.

B2001 Healthlife Soothing Aloe Vera Gel 1 litre £ Each
B2002 Healthlife Soothing Arnica Gel 1 litre £ Each


Natural Aloe Vera Gel

This cool, soothing gel is quickly absorbed and has a refreshing Lemon Grass fragrance. It is recommended for use after electrolysis treatment prior to the Après cream and is also suitable after waxing, sunbathing, sun bed and general moisturising.

  1. Contains 95% liquid extract of Aloe Vera
  2. 1 litre bottle available with or without pump
J2300 Sterex Natural Aloe Vera Gel 35ml Tube £
J2301 Sterex Natural Aloe Vera Gel 200ml Tube £
J2302 Sterex Natural Aloe Vera Gel 1 Litre with Pump £
J3021 Sterex Natural Aloe Vera Gel 1 Litre with Cap £


Natural Witch Hazel Gel

A cool soothing gel, easy to apply and quickly absorbed. It is recommended after treatment prior to using the Après creams. Renowned for its antiseptic properties, this gel can also be used in a wide variety of applications such as stings, bites etc. Contains 80% liquid extract of Witch Hazel

J2200 Sterex Natural Witch Hazel Gel 35ml Tube £
J2201 Sterex Natural Witch Hazel Gel 200ml Tube £
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Disposable Boxer Shorts

Silky smooth comfort fit boxer shorts, ideal for use during spray tanning or other treatments as an alternative to clients wearing their own swim wear or other clothing.

  1. Individually wrapped for hygiene
  2. Perfect for use by male clients
  3. One size fits all
BS010 Disposable Boxer Shorts £ 10/Pack


Disposable G-Strings (Black)

  1. Disposable G-Strings for spray tanning clients
  2. Silky smooth comfort fit
  3. Hygienically individually wrapped
  4. Perfect for professional use in the salon
B0050 Disposable Female G-Strings £ 50/Pack
B0051 Disposable Male G-Strings £ 50/Pack


Sticky Feet

  1. Ideal for use after pedicures or for spray tans treatments
  2. Fully adhesive sole (One-Size)
  3. Designed to stay secure on the foot
  4. Prevents tan solution staining the soles of your client's feet
B0025 Sticky Feet (Black) £ 25/Pack
BPK25 Sticky Feet (Pink) £ 25/Pack


Disposable Foam Flip Flops

Disposable Foam Flip Flops made with EVA foam, ideal for use after pedicures or spray tans treatments.

  1. Safe non-slip client wear
  2. Improves Hygiene for client
  3. One size fits all
B012B Disposable Foam Flip Flops - Black £ 12/Pack
B012W Disposable Foam Flip Flops - White £ 12/Pack


Yellow Toe Separators

  1. Suitable for pedicures and manicures
  2. Inexpensive and disposable
  3. Easily fit between digits
  4. Soft and comfortable to wear
  5. Yellow heart shaped separators
B0010 Yellow Toe Separators £ 1 Pair


Premier® Pink Polythene Aprons (On A Roll)

  1. Disposable latex free polythene aprons with halter neck and tie waist
  2. Manufactured from durable plastic
  3. Thickness: 16 Micron
  4. Dimensions: 69 x 117cm (27″ x 46″)
A974P Pink Polythene Aprons (On A Roll) £ 200/Roll


PVC Waxing Apron

The Lotus PVC Waxing Apron gives high quality protection to a therapist's clothing during waxing or other beauty treatments.

B54858 PVC Waxing Apron £ Each
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Mob Caps

Bouffant style pleated mob caps are made from soft, lightweight, breathable, spun-bound, non-woven polypropylene material with an elasticated band.

Also ideal for use as a patient head rest cover for examination couches and dental chairs.

TM01 Mob Caps - White £ 100/Pack
TM02 Mob Caps - Blue £ 100/Pack
TM03 Mob Caps - Black £ 100/Pack


Disposable Headbands

Disposable patient headbands ideal for skin & beauty clinics.

B105 Disposable Headbands £ 100/Pack
Cotton Headbands - Velcro Fastening

Cotton Headbands - Velcro Fastening

High quality wide cotton headbands with an easily adjustable Velcro fastening. The high quality Velcro fastener ensures a comfortable and secure fit and that hair is kept neat and away from the face.
Suitable for facial cleaning, showering, spa/skin treatments, applying makeup or sporty activities/gym. Ideal for spas, skin/beauty clinics and general cleansing.

  1. Soft material and comfortable to wear
  2. Washable
  3. Individually wrapped in polybag
  4. Length: 23" - Width: 3.5"
BD001 Cotton Headband - Velcro Fastening - White £ Each
BD002 Cotton Headband - Velcro Fastening - Black £ Each


Facial Mask Removing Sponges

Multi purpose sponges for facial cleansing and removing mask product from the face.

  1. Packaged in a sealed pack of 2
  2. Diameter: 4″ (10cm)
B100 Facial Mask Removing Sponges £ 2/Pack


Cotton Wool Balls

  1. BP Quality
  2. 100% Pure cotton wool
  3. Soft and absorbent
M1955 Cotton Wool Balls Small £ 500/Bag
M1960 Cotton Wool Balls Large £ 250/Bag


Large Sterile Cotton Wool Balls

  1. BP Quality
  2. Soft and absorbent
  3. 100% Pure cotton wool
M8172 Large Sterile Cotton Wool Balls £ 40 x 5/Pack
Large Oval Cosmetic Cotton Pads

Large Oval Cosmetic Cotton Pads

Large oval shaped cosmetic pads suitable are suitable for spas, skin/beauty clinics and general cleansing as they are versatile. They can be used for applying lotions and creams, cleanser and are perfect for make-up application and removal. The compact surface is also ideal for applying liquids such as nail polish remover and toner etc.

  1. 100% Pure Cotton
  2. Soft & gentle
  3. Ideal for beauty treatments and general cleaning
B09142 Large Oval Cosmetic Cotton Pads £ 50/Pack


Round Cosmetic Pads

  1. 100% Pure Cotton
  2. Soft and gentle, ideal for facial cleansing
M0847 Cosmetic Pads £ 160/Pack


Embossed Cosmetic Discs

  1. Versatile cosmetic pad
  2. Attractive embossed design
  3. Variety of uses
  4. Super absorbent and soft
  5. 100% cotton
B1122 Embossed Cosmetic Discs £ 100/Pack
Cosmetic Cotton Buds

Cosmetic Cotton Buds

Cosmetic cotton buds are specifically designed for cosmetic application/removal and adjustments.

The two different ends allow you to retouch and perfect make-up application:

♦ The slender/pointed side allows you to correct mistakes, make small adjustments and smudge eyeliner with precision
♦ The flat/rounded side is ideal for fine application of make-up or creams and to blur make-up

  1. 100% Cotton tips
  2. Do not become fluffy
B83043 Cosmetic Cotton Buds £ 80/Pack



  1. 8cm / 3"COTTON BUDS
  2. ORANGE STICKS: 15cm / 6"
  3. WOODEN APPLICATORS (one end cotton-tipped), 15cm / 6": Sterile and Non-Sterile
M986 Cotton Buds (3″) £ 200/Tub
M2301 Orange Sticks (6″) £ 1000/Box
M982 Cotton Tip Applicator (6″) £ 100/Box
M982S Sterile Cotton Tip Applicator (6″) £ 500/Box (100 x 5/Pack)


PDI® Hygéa Cleansing Wipes

  1. Hygéa hands and face hypoallergenic wipes are kind to the skin leaving it clean and fresh
  2. Added skin softener helps protect the skin in long term use
  3. Alcohol-free with a slight fragrance
  4. Contains no lanolin
  5. Dermatologically tested
M0164 Hygéa Cleansing Wipes £ 24/Pack
M0165 Hygéa Cleansing Wipes £ 80/Pack
T0161 Hygéa Cleansing Wipes £ 200/Tub


Readiwipes® Moist Skin Cleansing Wipes

  1. The effective alcohol based antibacterial action of these wipes ensures thorough cleansing of the skin
  2. Wipes are made from very strong fabric and will not easily tear or perforate in use
  3. Wipe size 20cm x 22cm
M2600 Readiwipes®Skin Cleansing Wipes £ 200/Tub
Readiwipes® Wet Non Maceratable Cleansing Wipes

Readiwipes® Wet Non Maceratable Cleansing Wipes

Specially developed for cleansing all areas of the body. Extremely effective – these wipes loosen, lift, and lock contamination into the material.

The wipes feature a high specification lotion made with premium quality ingredients, including: Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel, Chamomile, and Lavender; plus Panthenol and Betaine for conditioning the skin.

These ingredients allow the wipes to calm, soothe, condition, and moisturise the skin. Suitable for all over body cleansing, including intimate areas. Suitable for after toilet personal cleansing. Gentle, but effective, pH balanced lotion - suitable for all skin types and ages.


  1. Hypoallergenic
  2. Alcohol and lanolin free
  3. Sting free, rinse free, and non-greasy
  4. No need to dry the skin after use
  5. Leaves cleansed skin with a pleasantly mild fragrance


  1. These wipes cannot be flushed or macerated - this is indicated on the front of the pack
  2. The 10, 24, and 80/Pack wipes use a 45 gsm polyester/viscose, blended material. This resilient blend can easily withstand vigorous cleansing/rubbing and is particularly good for makeup removal
  3. The 120 and 200/Pack wipes use a 23 gsm polypropylene/viscose blended material
  4. Standard size wipes (200mm x 151mm) are suitable for: hands, face, intimate areas, and for use in post toilet cleansing
  5. Medium size wipes (200mm x 200mm) are suitable for: hands, face, and intimate areas
Readiwipes® Wet Hands & Face Wipes 10/Pack MR5158 Readiwipes® Wet - Non Maceratable Hands & Face Wipes £ 10/Pack
Readiwipes® Wet Hands & Face Wipes 24/Pack MR5159 Readiwipes® Wet - Non Maceratable Hands & Face Wipes £ 24/Pack
Readiwipes® Wet Hands & Face Wipes 80/Pack MR5162 Readiwipes® Wet - Non Maceratable Hands & Face Wipes £ 80/Pack
Readiwipes® Wet Hands & Face Wipes 120/Pack MR5166 Readiwipes® Wet - Non Maceratable Hand & Face Wipes £ 120/Pack
Readiwipes® Wet Hand, Face & Body Wipes 200/Pack MR5167 Readiwipes® Wet - Non Maceratable Hand, Face & Body Wipes £ 200/Pack


STEREX Steritane Skin Cleanser

  1. Skin cleanser for pre-treatment attaining optimum hygiene
  2. Mild formulation tested and approved by electrologists
  3. Containing Chlorhexidine BP to ensure pre-treatment skin disinfection
  4. Easy to use, no measuring or diluting
  5. Flip lid ensures optimum hygiene
STE1018 STEREX Steritane Skin Cleanser 500ml £ Each


Green Tattoo Soap

A natural soap made from pure vegetable oils and glycerine, completely biodegradable and environmentally safe. Ideal for pre-tattoo skin preparation, stencil application, post-tattoo cleansing and cleaning surgical or tattoo instruments before sterilization. Also useful for Microblading aftercare.

  1. Cosco brand tincture of green soap, the industry standard of tattoo soap
  2. 30% Alcohol
  3. For external use only

Diluting Suggestions:

  1. For cleaning instruments before sterilization - mix 1 part soap to 16 parts distilled water
  2. For use as a shampoo or hand cleanser - use full strength
  3. For general use - mix 1 part soap to 8 parts distilled water
TT25G Green Tattoo Soap - 1 Pint (16 Fluid ounces - 475ml) £ Each
TT50L Green Tattoo Soap - 1 Gallon (3.7 Litres) £ Each


Lint Free Desk Towels

  1. Disposable and highly absorbent towels
  2. Assists in providing a clean and hygienic work surface
  3. Useful for manicures or pedicures
  4. Size: 30cm x 37cm
BDT1000 Lint Free Desk Towels £ 50/Pack



Enki Embossed Luxury Disposable Hair Towels

Premium quality eco-friendly Single-Use disposable towels which are ideal for salons and spas. 10 times more absorbent than standard cotton towels and will save money as there will be no water or energy costs involved unlike cotton towels that require washing and drying.

  1. 56 GSM As Standard - Lower Quality Towels Will Not Absorb Water As Effectively
  2. Top Quality For Client Comfort And Luxury
  3. 100% Biodegradable - Eco Friendly
  4. Ultra Soft And Highly Absorbent
  5. Hair Towel Size: 40cm x 80cm
  6. Body Towel Size: 140cm x 80cm
BEN40W Enki Embossed Luxury Disposable White Hair Towels £ 50/Pack
BEN900W Enki Embossed Luxury Disposable White Hair Towels - Bulk Pack £ 500/Pack
BEN45B Enki Embossed Luxury Disposable Black Hair Towels £ 50/Pack
BEN900B Enki Embossed Luxury Disposable Black Hair Towels - Bulk Pack £ 500/Pack

BOD48T Enki Embossed Luxury Disposable White Body Towels - 140cm x 80cm £ 15/Pack
BOD75T Enki Embossed Luxury Disposable White Body Towels - 140cm x 80cm £ 75/Pack


King Talc® Talcum Powder

Lightly scented, natural talcum powder that soothes and comforts sensitive skin after shaving. Simply dust the neck for a fast and cool comfortable feel with a pleasant scent. You can even use it after spa services to absorb excess moisture to leave skin feeling smooth and silky.

Suggested Uses:

  1. Great for waxing salons and barber shops
  2. Ideal for hospital patients with sensitive skin
  3. Apply after spa services or beauty treatments
B021 King Talc® Talcum Powder £ 255g (9oz) Bottle
King Talc - Safety Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet


Superior Lint Free Nail Wipes

Lint free nail wipes, ideal for pedicures and manicures. Used for prepping the nail before polish is applied or for removing any residue left from gel nail application.

  1. Premium quality 4 Ply
  2. Strong and Soft to the touch
  3. Size: 5cm x 5cm
B5501 Superior Lint Free Nail Wipes £ 200/Pack


Lint Free Nail Wipes

  1. Disposable and lint free
  2. Absorbs acetone quickly
  3. Removes gel and polish
  4. Non-woven fabric
  5. Size: 5cm x 5.5cm
B0020 Lint Free Nail Wipes £ 200/Pack


Nail Varnish Remover

The Pretty Professional nail varnish remover with pump dispenser helps remove nail varnish quickly and easily whilst the unique pump dispenser helps to control the amount of remover you use.

B016 Nail Varnish Remover 70ml £ Each
B417 Nail Varnish Remover 70ml Acetone-Free £ Each


Filecide® Antiseptic Disinfectant

An antiseptic disinfectant in a handy pump-spray bottle designed for cleaning all of your beauty tools including nail files and buffers as well as makeup brushes to prevent cross-infection.
Filecide's antiseptic action is effective against viruses and helps prevent cross infection whilst killing 99.9% of bacteria, Filecide® has a beautiful violet colour and a pleasant petal fragrance.

B022 Filecide® Antiseptic Disinfectant £ 200ml Bottle
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Tenotomy Scissors Curved Fine 11cm

Tenotomy Scissors Curved Fine 11cm - (Disposable, Sterile, Single-Use)

R200-100 Tenotomy Scissors Curved Fine 11cm £ Each


Foot File

Double sided foot file has 2 different surfaces and are suitable for wet or dry application, the coarse side removes rough, calloused skin & the finer side smoothes and maintains the skin.

IP6737 Foot File (25.5cm) £ Each


Single-Use Emery Boards

Single-Use emery board, used to assist in the removal of hardened and callous skin from the foot and file nails.

  1. Manufactured from cardboard
  2. Dual abrasive surface specification - 240/150
  3. Length: 18cm
IP146 Single-Use Emery Boards (18cm) £ 10/Pack


20″ Pink Couch Roll

Premium quality pink couch rolls, perforated at 40cm intervals giving enough paper for approximately 25 standard length couches.
Each roll is individually polythene wrapped for increased hygiene.

  1. 20″ (50.8cm) wide rolls
  2. Premium quality 2 ply tissue
  3. 40m per roll
  4. CHSA quality standard approved
  5. Made in the UK
HP770 20″ Pink Couch Roll - Single Roll £ Each
P770 20″ Pink Couch Roll - Case £ 9 Rolls/Case


White Cotton Couch Covers

  1. Standard range stretch towelling couch covers available either with or without face hole
  2. Couch cover size: 70-90cm x 190-200cm
  3. To fit therapy couches size 24"- 30" (width) and 72" (length)
CC001 Cotton Couch Cover With Face Hole £ Each
CC005 Cotton Couch Cover Without Face Hole £ Each


PVC Protective Couch Cover

  1. Designed to protect couches from product spillages during treatment
  2. Easy to wipe clean
  3. Helps protect against wear and tear
  4. Includes ties for secure fit
  5. Size: 190cm x 61cm x 7cm (75" x 24" x 3")
CC007 PVC Protective Couch Cover £ Each


Disposable Couch Covers

Individually packed disposable elasticated couch covers.

C107 Disposable Couch Covers £ 10/Pack


Enki White Disposable Couch Covers

Enki luxury smooth white disposable beauty bed/couch covers are a multipurpose cover that are 100% hygienic and single use. Ideal for beauty therapists who want that added piece of luxury so they can treat each client to their own personal bed cover on every visit and have peace of mind that their working environment is completely germ free.

  1. 100% Degradable and Eco-friendly
  2. Weight: 50gsm
  3. Size: 85cm x 200cm
BC48W Enki White Disposable Couch Covers £ 15/Pack
BC75W Enki White Disposable Couch Covers £ 75/Case


White Soft Kohl Eye Liner Pencil

Top quality soft kohl white eye liner pencil

B961 White Soft Kohl Eye Liner Pencil £ Each


Waterproof White Eye Liner Pencil With Sharpener

Top quality soft kohl waterproof white eye liner pencil with sharpener

  1. Length: 15cm
  2. Includes sharpener cap
B900 Waterproof White Eye Liner Pencil With Sharpener £ Each
B903 Waterproof White Eye Liner Pencil With Sharpener £ 12/Pack


Spray Tanning Kit

Perfect kit to leave in spray tanning booths for clients, all items individually wrapped for extra hygiene.

  1. 1 x Nose Filter - Simple, disposable foam nose filter to stop the inhalation of spray tanning fumes
  2. 1 x Black Pleated Mob Cap - Black, disposable pleated mob cap ideal for keeping hair off the face when spray tanning and protecting the hair
  3. 1 x Black G-String - Black, G-String for protection while still allowing maximum coverage
  4. 1 x Black Stick Feet - Black, disposable sticky feet with full adhesive bottom. Ideal for keeping clients feet clean while still allowing a full spray coverage on the top of the feet
B01KIT Spray Tanning Kit £ Each


Tanning Tent

Ideal spray tanning tent for home or business use, saving hours of cleaning. Fully portable, the tent pops up in about 30 seconds and is ready for use immediately. The tent comes with a carry case, is flame retardant and internally waterproof.

  1. Manufactured with ISO 9000 standard
  2. Dimensions - Height: 210cm, Width: 120cm, Depth: 120cm
B218 Tanning Tent £ Each


Polyethylene Body Wrap Sheets

Full body wrap transparent film sheets which can be used for all body wrap treatments such as algae wrap, chocolate wrap, clay wrap, mud wrap, oil wrap, paraffin wrap, seaweed wrap etc.

  1. Size: 1900mm x 1400mm
B099 Polyethylene Body Wrap Sheets £ 50/Pack


Foil Body Wrap

A disposable, ultra-insulating foil body wrap. Both sides have a heat-reflective metallic surface that will retain over 90% of body heat.

  1. Size: 1300mm x 2100mm
F760 Foil Body Wrap (130cm x 210cm) £ Each


3M Microfoam™ Surgical Tape

  1. Latex-free, highly conformable, hypoallergenic, elastic foam tape
  2. Its stretch makes it ideal for dressing challenging areas and for specialist applications
  3. Gives with swelling, helping to prevent trauma to the body
  4. Cushions and protects and acts as a barrier to water and contamination
M1528-250 3M Microfoam™ Surgical Tape - 2.5cm x 5m £ Each
M1528-500 3M Microfoam™ Surgical Tape - 5cm x 5m £ Each
M1528-750 3M Microfoam™ Surgical Tape - 7.6cm x 5m £ Each
M1528-1000 3M Microfoam™ Surgical Tape - 10cm x 5m £ Each
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