Alcotip Pre-Injection Swabs

  1. Sterile Isopropyl Alcohol 70% impregnated swabs
  2. Each sachet is saturated to disinfect and clean with a measured amount of alcohol each time
  3. Individually sterile sachets to reduce the risk of cross-contamination
  4. Dimensions: 2.5" x 1"
M602 Alcotips £ 100/Box


Suction Bubble Tubing

Non-sterile suction bubble tubing coil in dispensing box.

  1. Internal diameter: 7mm
  2. Length: 30m
  3. Non-conductive: Transparent
  4. Conductive: Transparent with Black Stripe
  5. Latex-free
  6. Bubble every 1 metre
M740 Non-Conductive Bubble Tubing - Ø 5mm £ 30m Coil
M760 Non-Conductive Bubble Tubing - Ø 7mm £ 30m Coil
M765 Conductive Bubble Tubing - Ø 7mm £ 30m Coil


Digital Thermometer Probe Covers

  1. Single-Use probe covers for use with digital thermometers
  2. Compatible with DIGItemp™ Thermometer
UN5184 Digital Thermometer Probe Covers £ 100/Pack


Foam Swabsticks

Star-shaped foam-tipped swabsticks that are ideal for use in oral care, wound cleaning, general patient cleansing and the bathing of delicate areas.

  1. Foam swabsticks for oral cleansing
  2. Overall length is 11cm, foam swab is 2.5cm
  3. Plastic shaft and a non-water based adhesive
M286 Foam Swabsticks £ 250/Pack


Disposable Laminated Draw Sheets

  1. Highly absorbent 2ply crepe cellulose tissue and laminated with an impervious polythene film
  2. A barrier runs the length of the sheet along both edges for added security
  3. Reinforced with polyester threads or nets where increased strength is required
  4. Sheet size: 82cm x 140cm
UN34710 Disposable Laminated Draw Sheets £ 10/Pack
UN341010 Disposable Laminated Draw Sheets £ 100/Case


Mid Stream Urine Collection Sets

The analysis of urine specimens from hospital and home based patients is an important part of 'first line' diagnosis.
The mid stream urine collection set makes it easy to gain the specimen effectively and conveniently as they are suitable for most category patients.

  1. Specimen container with screw cap lid
  2. Blank pre-formatted patient identification label
  3. Patient instructions included
  4. 'Easy collection' funnel
  5. Cleansing wipe
  6. Convenient individually sterile packs
M257 Mid Stream Urine Collection Set £ 10/Pack


Pen Torch

  1. Pinpoint hi-intensity disposable light which is especially designed for the medical profession
  2. Light is activated by simply pressing the clip
  3. Manufactured with 2 AAA batteries for many weeks of daily use
IUN62 Pen Torch £ Each


Quick Release Tourniquet:
Soft, quick release buckle so there is no pinching, catching or jamming and are autoclavable.

Rubber Velcro Tourniquet:
  1. Hook and loop fastener
  2. Reliable and cost effective
IN698 Quick Release Tourniquet £ Each
IUN696 Rubber Velcro Tourniquet (27cm) £ Each



Single-head stethoscope is ideal for routine examinations and check-ups.

Dual-head stethoscope has easy swivel action to switch from diaphragm (for detecting heart sounds) to bell end (to detect deeper thoracic sounds).

IN110 Single Head Stethoscope £ Each
IN120 Duel Head Stethoscope £ Each Out of stock


Non-Sterile Double Edged Disposable Razors

  1. Specifically designed for removal of body hair prior to patient surgery or monitoring
  2. Easily removable rigid plastic sheaths for safety when not in use
  3. The angle of the blades and combs are to aid removal of denser and longer body hair as opposed to facial hair
  4. Double edge blades
M200 Non-Sterile Double Edged Disposable Razors £ 10/Pack


EyeProtect™ Safety Glasses

  1. Comfortable and lightweight, with excellent optically correct lenses
  2. Can be worn over most prescription glasses
IN50A EyeProtect™ Safety Glasses £ 10/Pack


Sterile Skin Marker Pen

  1. Skin marker pen with 15cm measuring scale
  2. Adjust writing angle for bold or fine lines
  3. Individually packed sterile
IUN64 Sterile Skin Marker Pen £ Each


Theatre Caps With Elasticated Back

Universal disposable blue theatre caps are made from soft, lightweight, breathable, non-woven viscose material.

  1. Latex Free
  2. Phthalate Free
  3. Non-Woven viscose
  4. CE Marked
D1230 Theatre Caps With Elasticated Back £ 100/Box


Universal™ Wooden Tongue Depressors

Flat wooden spatula with smooth safely rounded ends.

M975 Wooden Tongue Depressors £ 100/Box
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